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2017 Army All-American Game: What Nebraska Targets Are At The Game?

The Huskers class will be shaped going forward by kids playing this game in San Antonio.

Football - High School - US Army All-American Bowl Photo by John Albright /Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

It’s big time recruiting season, and while nary a Nebraska commit or serious target was in the Under-Armour AA game last Sunday in Orlando, the script flips and there’s a serious amount of targets for Nebraska in the Army All-American game in San Antonio’s AlamoDome this coming weekend.

This weekend will help set some top-tier talent for the Huskers, but won’t be the end all be all of the cycle. That will come at National Signing Day, as a few Nebraska targets have mentioned that they will be waiting till NSD is closer, or even on the day itself, to declare.

We’ll have a overall preview on Friday, but these are the names you need to be watching for this weekend.

If there is a stone cold, absolute lock for Nebraska in this game that is picking on Saturday, it’s Calvin. Nebraska will win this race over Notre Dame and a lot of other schools that tried to step up late.

Calvin will be able to play right away in Lincoln, as well any other WR’s that come into the fold. That has been the big selling point of Keith Williams when it comes to recruiting 2017.

The culmination of the Foster Sarell recruitment comes on Saturday, and most folks think that it’s between Nebraska and Stanford in this aspect. Sarell has mentioned time and time again that his relationship with OL coach Mike Cavanaugh has been the big deal with the Huskers being in it. He also wants early playing time, and it’s about as much of a lock that the kid would be starting next year at Right Tackle.

Folks will be upset if Sarell doesn’t pick Nebraska, but the Huskers will have done EVERYTHING in their power to get Foster to Nebraska. But, the ramifications of a N going on top of Foster’s head will be reciprocated for a while.

I know, I know... here we go again with Darnay Holmes. I still, after it all is said and done, think that Darnay is going to UCLA. I still think that, after this whirlwind recruitment and such, that he’s gonna stay close to home and leave not only Nebraska but Ohio State and USC at the altar.

Word on the street is that he’s gonna fly straight to his school and start on Monday, the 9th. Do you see him going from LA to San Antonio to LA back to Lincoln in the matter of a week?

I know a lot of Nebraska folks were hoping that the Huskers could make leeway here, but it’s going to be Michigan for Chuck Fillaga. I think Chuck knew where he wanted to go here, but in the end, he wanted to take his visits.

Now, who is at this game that won’t be picking their school that you should be paying attention to? Glad you asked!

Lewis still has Nebraska with USC on his top. I still call it for Nebraska for the WR, who like Sarell and Calvin, would start right away the second he gets to Lincoln.

Greg Johnson looks like he’s getting some work at Safety this week, and Nebraska is still up there, but USC looks like the main fave here. Both Lewis & Johnson will be waiting to National Signing Day to announce.

With the firing of Mark Helfrich and the turnover at Oregon, it has helped Nebraska with former CB target Deommodore Lenoir, who is planning on visiting the Huskers in the last weekend of January. Some early enrollees will be in Lincoln as well like Tristan Gebbia, Keyshawn Johnson Jr and Jaevon McQuitty helping the cause.

Yes, we all thought that the train on Lindsey had flowed away, then Ohio State went and decided to gut their offensive staff yesterday. If the chance that WR coach Zach Smith takes #Zone6 or whatever he calls it to Cincinnati with Luke Ficknell, there’s the sliiiiiiiiiiight chance this helps Nebraska. Lindsey did like what Keith Williams had to offer, so it’s not like he’s not still thinking about it.

Here are some video clips of kids aforementioned above, who are in action this week. They are clumped together, so it’s not like I could just put them in each players description. Enjoy!