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Big Red Cobcast: Happy New Year

Well as happy as it can be.

Nebraska Cornhuskers rally around receiver Jordan Westerkamp David McGee

2017! It’s here! I never thought I’d make it this far. I really didn’t. Pat didn’t either probably. But alas, Here I am.

I like the off season. I like it because it’s full of hope. We are undefeated for 9 months. It’s good enough for our coach to be kind in the spring and our players can fill our heads with all their ambition. Spring ball is nice, National Signing Day is pretty cool, in the Spring Game everybody wins.

I like the offseason because every game seems winnable. Every champion seems flawed. I get to read all the articles about “if we zigged instead of zagged then we could possibly beat Bama”.

We could beat Bama. I stand by that.

The off season could be called “The Season of the Homer”. L’s don’t matter right now. We just start counting the W’s of next season. Hypothetical losses are stupid BUT hypothetical wins are where it’s at.

So, I’d like to propose a toast to the Offseason: “Here’s to Riley’s smiles and Westerkatches, to Walk-Ons out hustling 5 stars, to YOLO Bombs for touchdowns. To the Dynasties, to last year and to next year. To a real Quarterback competition for the first time in almost a decade. To beating the everloving shit out of Iowa and going undefeated at home in 2017. Cheers to April and cheers to September.”

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