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Nebraska Recruiting: Final Thoughts Heading Into National Signing Day

Some last thoughts before the hoopla starts tomorrow morning.

Gallery: Nebraska vs. Michigan State, Mike Riley and #AveryStrong David McGee/Cornnation

Well, we’re about 8 hours before the coverage starts in earnest. I’ll be up and ready to go, and I’m going to bet some of you will be as well.

There’s been a lot of chatter about names tonight, so I’m going to throw out some predictions and such before tomorrow.

Jamire Calvin picks Nebraska - After it’s all said and done, I think he becomes a Husker. I really do. I get he seems flaky on his verbal, but one thing is that Nebraska’s always been there through everything. The San Antonio hat pull, the commitment, all of that. It could very well be that the staff isn’t counting on him, but in the end I think he sticks for some reason. ‘

Michael Onyemaobi won’t be a Husker - Sounds like TCU may win this one for some reason, although the whispers are that the Huskers told him no thanks. I don’t know whether to believe that, but it’s possible. Then again, the HC he was committed to at Cal (Sonny Dykes) just got hired by Gary Patterson. Just as I was getting on how to spell his last name without looking either.

Joseph Lewis & Greg Johnson do not pick the same school - I’ll go down with the ship and say that Lewis is a Husker, although I do admit my odds don’t look good. It’s not cause Williams and the staff failed here, matter of factly they did everything right. Sometimes people just say no. That being said, I don’t think him & Greg Johnson do not pick USC together.

Elijah Blades & Damion Daniels pick Nebraska, Deommodore Lenoir does not - There should be at least 2 wins for the Huskers tomorrow, and they will be both on the defensive side of the ball. Blades will flip to Nebraska fully from Florida, and Daniels will realize that Bob Diaco’s D will be his best chance to play early and often.

There will be one surprise no one will figure out until it happens - It tends to be the thing that makes NSD so damn nuts. There’s something that will happen that I won’t be ready for, but then again no one will.

Enjoy the ride, sit back, and realize another year is over soon enough.