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Corn Nation’s 2017 National Signing Day Coverage

It all comes to a close tomorrow. And we’ll start early.

West Memorial Stadium

Well, the time has come to finish off the 2017 recruiting cycle in style. What kind of style, we’ll figure out ahead of time.

Corn Nation will be here through the entire day, making sure that we get you the info you want on each signee. We’ll be there for players that sign, that skip out, that flip to or from the Huskers and why.

Plus, the fun does not stop just when the last Letter of Intent hits the fax line at North Stadium. We’ll go over who should be contributing, the famous walk-on class that Nebraska is known for, plus how did the Huskers coaching staff do in the end.

If you can’t get on the site tomorrow but dig social media, make sure to follow Corn Nation on either twitter or the Facebook page. When a story goes on the site, it’ll be tweeted out, but it may be easier to find the story you want on the Facebook page. We’ll be updating everything as we post, and I anticipate up to 30 posts tomorrow. Yes, I said 30. Thirty.

We’ve normally advertised the text message service, but we’ve gotten so much iffy feedback to that, so we’ll just keep that to overall pieces. Text the word HUSKERS to 84483 and you’ll get text messages not only tomorrow, but when big breaking news breaks. I have to tell you that standard text messaging rates apply, so check with your carrier. We don’t send many, but we do send the important ones out.