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Is Nebraska WR Verbal Jamire Calvin Set To Flip To Washington State?

The Huskers WR verbal just made some interesting follows on twitter

Jamire Calvin Student Sports

One would think that after Jamire Calvin committed to Nebraska a few days ago, we’d be over the drama.

Well, one would be wrong.

One way to follow what recruits are thinking is twitter for sure. I know with the issues coming from politics and such, but it’s still a resourceful tool especially right now.

Jamire Calvin has shown up in some issues today, and it should make you wonder if he’s going to be signing with Nebraska tomorrow.

First? Check out his most recent follows, who happens to be all Washington State Football accounts, whether it’s coaches or the actual account.

Second.. it seems that Calvin is making a point of finding some negative stuff that is being said about him by Nebraska fans.

The Wazzu love shouldn’t surprise many folks, considering that it was Nebraska and Washington State in his final 2.

And now the tone of the tweets? I guess he notices all these things pretty well.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that Calvin won’t be in the class, because he’s still there and has wanted to be in Lincoln even with the Oregon State hat on. That being all said and done, the drama is building with him.

Plus, I can’t tell you that all Nebraska fans haven’t shown him love. He’s gotten a ton of support on social media from Nebraska fans. However, you can notice the negative more than the bunches of positive things for sure.

And, quite honestly, Nebraska could use him considering there’s about 7-8 scholarship WR’s next year, which is not enough frankly. Unless Nebraska plans on Greg Johnson, Jeremiah Hawkins or Joseph Lewis in town, you’re taking Calvin. That’s why he’s committed to Nebraska even with the BS that went down in San Antonio.

And for those that hate recruiting cause of this, I get your point. Tomorrow, they all sign though, and we’ll find out soon enough.