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Create a Caption: There’s No Holding In Football!

Give us your funniest, most clever caption for this photo!

randy gregory was not being held, really David McGee

First thing’s first. Last Tuesday we posted the gem below from one of David’s galleries and asked you to give us your best caption. Corn Nation came through in a big way. Err bigly way?

Also, I have some really good news! Our own Cobcast Ryan is willing to give away a free copy of “Through These Gates”. We will put our weekly winner(s) in a drawing and pull a name out of the hat late this summer. I am working on other prize ideas but remember that anything we give away will be out of the goodness of the heart of the prize sponsor. Hopefully you know by now that this is a largely volunteer operation and that making Cobby our CFO was only the second-worst part of our business model.

Without further ado, here are last week’s winners (as determined by the number of “recs” y’all gave):

Gallery: Late Husker Surge Toppels Illinois David McGee

First place: Beltway Brett

Personal foul. Unsportsmanlike conduct. Number 87. Twerking. Fifteen yard penalty.

Repeat third down.

Runner-up: RudiFan

Tommy's contacts have to be around here somewhere.....I was wide open again!!!

There were quite a few other excellent submissions, including one about looking for alternative facts (Ziggy).

This week, I pulled a “classic” out of the CN vaults. Exhibit A is from the 2014 game versus Illinois. You may remember a player named Randy Gregory making his way to the quarterback, or at least trying to get to the QB. If I remember correctly, and I’m pretty sure I do, there was no flag on this play.

Give us your captions Corn Nation! Your tired, your poor, your funny, and your clever. We aren’t building any walls, we want them all.

Put your submission in the comments section. Give a “rec” to the captions you like best. Check back often as new comments/captions are added. On Monday, I will tally up the votes and pick that week’s winner(s).

randy gregory was not being held, really David McGee