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Five Heart Podcast Episode 22

Greg and Brian talk more about National Signing Day, the art of recruiting, its unpredictable nature, and Papa Johns discounts!

Gallery Photo: Huskers vs Illinois: Photo Gallery David McGee

All right ladies and gentlemen, this is it...we're mere days away from (drumroll please) NATIONAL SIGNING DAY!!!

Is this the last time we're talking about recruits this cycle? Well that seems unlikely. Next week we'll have the recap of Wednesday. Heck, Brian even gives you a peek behind the curtain to inform you that next week's show will be a day late so he can catch up on some sleep.

Who's N? Who's on the feNce? There's a lot of national buzz around this recruiting class - and we're all as anxious as anyone for Wednesday.

And Greg takes something innocuous and makes it really inappropriate and laughs..and it brings the show to a screeching halt.

In other's just another episode of the Five Heart Podcast!

And now - all the links that have signed their financial aid agreements and are ready to step foot on campus!

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