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Corn Flakes: Big Ten Champs Again - TAKE THAT NORTHWESTERN!

UNL wins their sixth-straight speech and debate championship.

2017 Nebraska Speech and Debate Team. Big Ten Champs!

Speech and debate team earns 6th straight Big Ten title | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln speech and debate team became six-time champions of the Big Ten with its victory at the Conference Challenge Tournament Jan. 22 at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

I missed this from a couple days ago, but since today is University Thursday (at least as much as I try to make it that way), it’s time to celebrate another BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP for the speech and debate teams.

Six in a row, sunsabitches! That’s ass-kicking, that’s what that is.

It’s especially gratifying when you think of how the hoity-toitys in the Big Ten look down on Nebraska as not being good enough academically and then, well, piss off, rest of Big Ten, maybe we could have a debate about that, but it’s clear it won’t be much of one!!!!


Congratulations to the speech and debate team!

Morrill Hall to host Dinosaurs and Disasters Feb. 4 | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The University of Nebraska State Museum and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences will host Dinosaurs and Disasters, a family fun day with scientists, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Feb. 4 at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th St.

Fungi expert helps craft beer project | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

A fungi expert at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has helped define the funk behind Nebraska's first all-homegrown craft beer.

Brewing equipment added to Food Innovation Center | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Partnering with American Beer Equipment in Lincoln, the university’s Department of Food Science and Technology is bringing a 3.5 barrel, semi-automated brew house online in the Food Innovation Center pilot plants. The equipment, which will be available in the spring, will be used for research into craft beer and other fermented products, developing/testing related products with industry partners, and student instruction.

Do other universities care this much about beer? Probably only when it comes to law enforcement or binge drinking. Rather ironic that Nebraska is a dry campus (one of the few in the nation) but that they still recognize they can help the home state out in one of the areas it does best - making and growing things that people ingest for their health. (Yes, beer helps with your health. Maybe not Pabst Blue Ribbon or Heineken, but the rest is fine).

Study suggests fitness and iron deficiency linked to GPA | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska researchers are part of a Big Ten collaboration that has linked student fitness levels and iron status to grade point averages.

This is important. And it’s easily understood. Good nutrition and health helps your brain work. Tell everyone you know. We need more brains working at optimum efficiency.

A musical tops Oscar noms? No surprise, film scholar says | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

"La La Land," the movie musical featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, landed a record-tying number of Oscar nominations Jan. 24. Wheeler Winston Dixon, a film studies professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, says the movie's popularity among Oscar voters says much about the nostalgic mood of the nation.


The offense formerly known as “pro-style” - Football Study Hall

With the pros abandoning it, what are we going to call this old system of offense?



Mississippi should be the boss of the NCAA, thinks state rep who happened to play for Ole Miss -

“This bill has nothing to do with the current investigation at Ole Miss – nothing,” Lamar adds. “Yes, the current investigation hits pretty close to home being here in the state of Mississippi and at Ole Miss, but I would tell those people to please read the bill, as it has nothing to do with the current investigation.” Just a legislative coincidence.

Why are America’s National Parks not producing football recruits? - The Daily Gopher

Teddy Roosevelt is rolling over in his grave.

Brent Musburger announces his retirement from sports broadcasting -

"You are looking live."

The 10 worst college football games of 2016 -

Nebraska - Wisconsin didn’t make the mothership’s list of Top 100 games, but Nebraska - Ohio State made the Top 10 worst. I’m thinking the mothership can go to hell at this point. We all know that the Ohio State game was a debacle, but there’s no credit for fighting Wisconsin to the end.


SAN DIEGO, CA – January 25, 2017 – The San Diego Bowl Game Association board of directors voted to amend its focus and produce just one post-season college football game in 2017: The Holiday Bowl. The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl played its final game in 2016 after a 12-year run.

Lane Kiffin’s the latest coach to reportedly pull a scholarship offer right before Signing Day -

This kind of situation sucks, and it’s made news a few times this year.

Read this article. It’s not even so much that Kiffiekins did this, but the gutless, underhanded way he did it. He hasn’t matured. He’s the same guy. FAU deserves what they get, and what I hope they get is a shitload of losing.

Then There’s This

Elon Musk: 'Without tunnels, we will all be in traffic hell forever' - The Verge

As CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk is a busy man. He wants to save lives by making safer, self-driving cars, and save humanity by starting a colony on Mars. But he also wants to save humanity...

I’m thinking we should start an Elon Musk parody account for Corn Nation.

What Comes After the Beer Snob - Eater

The over-thinking thinking person’s rationalization for drinking mass-market beer

Twinkies ice cream has arrived on a planet that might not be ready for it

If you don't need ice cream by now, you'll probably need it by tomorrow.