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Big Red Cobcast: Diaco, Recruiting and Tigers - Oh My!

Diaco is sexy. We all know that, but you know what’s sexier? Pat’s voice.

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Let me share a story with you.

It’s Saturday night. I’m sitting by my wife, refreshing my browser, over and over again, while waiting for a breaking news banner that says, “Every recruit has committed to Nebraska”. All of sudden a picture of Bob Diaco pops up, which is a very standard occurrence as of late.

My wife peeks over my shoulder, her drool dripping onto my face. “Who’s that,” she asked in her voice that she uses when describing the trainer at our gym.

“Bob Diaco, our new defensive coordinator,” I said as I shut my browser quickly like I do when I almost get caught looking at reddit/r/gonewild.

“Will he be on the sidelines next season?”


“I think I’ll start watching the games with you next year”.

Then she grabbed a dirty sock, an economy sized bottle of lotion and sauntered off into the bathroom quickly locking the door behind her.

I’m no idiot. I know what that means.

I was offended. Not because she finds him hot. I mean, come on. The guy looks like a movie star and make $825,000 dollars a year. You better get that, grrrl. I’m no prude. I appreciate a good catch as much as the next Husker. HOWEVER, our defensive coordinator is not a piece of meat. He’s a person. A person with schemes. A person with aspirations that are bigger than a roll in the hay with some dumbass fan’s wife. He has a job to do, and if my wife distracts him from winning a national championship, I would owe so many people apologies. SHE would owe all of Husker Nation an apology.

Some things are just unacceptable, ladies. Leave Bob Diaco alone and let him do his job.

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