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Five Heart Podcast Episode 21

Brian and Greg recap the Nebrasketball loss Wednesday night, talk about the eleventh-hour push in recruiting, and much more.

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Episode 21...recorded the night of (another?) disappointing Nebrasketball loss.


It seems the most frustrating part of this is that this is a Nebraska men's basketball team that is competing very well with these other schools, but they just can't close it out. And it sucks.

But that's not all we're discussing in the episode that, if weeks were years in the podcast realm, would be old enough to drink. We also talk about the once-again busy recruiting season, the final push before National Signing Day (Wednesday, February 1...Brian will be busy all day).

Also, some tomfoolery afoot about sleep number beds and wives who steal covers (it's okay - they aren't listening anyway). Also, fried chicken wrapped up in (or sometimes the wrapping) of some of your favorite Mexican foods (Mexican in name only...and that is also suspect).

What the devil are we talking about? I guess you will want to check out the show for all the delicious details.

And now - all the plugs and links to fill your fajita!

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