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Nebraska Basketball: Huskers Lose A Stunner To Ohio State 67-66

Nebrasketball loses on a last second shot to the Buckeyes.

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Ouch. That is the perfect word to describe that game. A heartbreaking loss that will sting for a while for the Huskers. People will always remember the last shot that lost them this game. But there were plenty of other factors that costed them in the end. This game was one Nebraska needed to have. A very winnable game at a home. I’ve been saying it all year long, protect the home court. The Huskers have to win those home games if they want to make it to any sort of postseason tournament. But unfortunately, it wasn’t their night.

The Good

The first half might have been the best first half of the season for the Huskers. Nebraska shot the ball well, and played pretty well defensively. The Huskers scored 40 points in the first half and led by 12 at one point as well. Webster finished with 18 points on the night, Jacobson and Evan Taylor had 11 points of their own. Watson had 10 points too. The offense was able to share the basketball well in this game which helped in that first half.

The Bad

Defense, defense, defense. The Buckeyes scored 38 points in the paint, including the final shot to win the game. Nebraska had no chance in this game inside. They are really missing Ed Morrow right now and need him back to start winning some games. Nebraska’s three-point defense was better in this game however which is an improvement from the last two games. Free throws continue to be a problem for Nebraska as well. That might have been the key to the loss in this game. The Huskers shot 11-20 from the free throw line, which is 55%. You could maybe argue that is acceptable on the road but that really hurts during home games.

This loss hurts Husker fans. But remember Nebraska is still 9-9 and 3-3 in the conference. A winnable game against Rutgers on Saturday morning can help this team get their mojo back. That game is at 11AM and can be seen on BTN.

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