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Big Red Cobcast: Hoss Reuter

Let’s talk scheme, guys.

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Ryan Reuter (pronounced like goiter) is Corn Nation’s “decoder”. He tells us what schemes work and what schemes don’t work, Where they went wrong and went right. He writes the popular series of articles entitled: “Decoding Langsdorf”, where he breaks down the play calling of the games by our fearless offensive coordinator, Danny Langsdorf.

Today, however, we broke down what the 3-4 means to Nebraska, its coaching staff and it’s player personnel. Ryan eloquently spoke about which players he believes will fit into the new scheme and where. We also broke down what each new position means in terms of terminology.

I know this may sound complicated to some of you but I drank bleach for breakfast and I understand. Hoss did a really great job of talking to the simplest denominator. It’s an interesting discussion.

Mr. Reuter is a self-proclaimed, “offensive guy” (offensive like Tom Brady, not like Eminem), so of course we talked about the team that’s left and the team that’s coming in. We went through our varying excitement levels, such as , where we feel excited and where we feel scared.

All in all, this may be the most important podcast you ever hear.

P.S. The nickname for Williams and Williams (Donté and Keith) is: The Law Firm.

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