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Corn Flakes: Danny Langsdorf Is Nebraska’s Best Playcaller Since Tom Osborne

You hated Nebraska’s offense? You want Langsdorf fired? Without him, Nebraska probably has a losing season.

Fresno State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Never read the comments.

This is an Internet axiom by which all of you should live your lives. It’s one thing to read articles and then ask yourself how much you gained or how much you enjoyed what you just read, but when you delve into the comment section is when everything in life goes awry.

You never know what you’re going to get in the comment section. You don’t know if people are purposely stupid, i.e., trolls, if they have brain damage, if they suffer from some sort of mental illness, or that they’re just a regular guy like you who thinks completely different. No matter what you feel that you have to respond, you get sucked in, sometimes into arguments that you wouldn’t have in real life for more than 30 seconds, and the next thing you know you’ve wasted hours of your life arguing with somebody on the Internet.

Unfortunately, coming up with ideas to write about for Corn Flakes every week involves reading comments. I wish that I could say I was creative enough by myself come up with all the wonderful, great, mind-expanding ideas that are presented here coordination, but that would be a lie. I delve into the comments on several websites to find what Husker fans are talking about, and when I run into a problem coming up with an idea I use those comments as fodder.

My subject for today – Wow, there are a lot of you who really don’t like Danny Langsdorf. There are quite a number of comments in Facebook groups, other Husker websites, on twitter, and maybe even some here who would prefer that Danny were fired.

I’m not going to delve into our offense in great detail, but I am going to point some points of discussion centering around Langsdorf as an offensive coordinator:

  • Langsdorf will never be forgiven for his performance in 2015, specifically the Purdue game, when we threw the ball with the backup quarterback way more than we ran it in a losing effort. That game might haunt him for the rest of his Nebraska career regardless of how well our offense performs in the future.

It’ll haunt him just like you’re still haunted by that time 15 years ago when you were drunk as hell when your in-laws show up and your wife specifically told you to stay sober. Whatever today’s argument is about doesn’t matter. It’ll only be the subject for about two minutes (if that long), then she’ll bring up the past, and there isn’t a damned thing you can ever do about that. Maybe you and Danny ought to go get some beer together.

  • Danny Langsdorf is the best play caller Nebraska has had since Tom Osborne. He was asked to run an offense with the players he was given. That includes an offensive line that couldn’t block, a quarterback who routinely didn’t check down, and a bevy of running backs who were above average but not great.

If it weren’t for Langdorf’s playcalling abilities this past season, we wouldn’t have come close to winning nine games.


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