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Who Could Replace Mark Banker & Brian Stewart On The Nebraska Football Staff?

Mike Riley is looking to fill two vacant spots on his staff in the middle of finishing the 2017 recruiting cycle.

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There will be many stories on who will be coming into Lincoln to replace both defensive coordinator Mark Banker and safeties coach Brian Stewart. You’ll hear about the Jim Tressel’s at Super Saver, the Bob Davies installing cable, it’ll go on and on. Your buddy had heard one, and he bounced it off the coffee guy at the Casey’s and it meshed so that has to be it right RIGHT!

Well, we’ve figured out some names that seem to make sense, along with a couple that just shouldn’t be in print, but YOLO we’re the ones that are going to say it. They may make sense, they may not, but these are in play.

We went more after the defensive coordinator spot more than anything, but a few names here would be welcome in Lincoln.

Les Miles

Les Miles is one of the more well-known unemployed coaches in college football. He’s also a offensive guy. So, if you’re looking for a DC, he’s probably not your man. But, if you’re looking to reorganize some folks, like say put Mike Cavanaugh at Center/Guard coach and Miles as tackles/tight ends coach, then we’ll listen.

Trent Bray as DC?

We’re not saying that Bray isn’t a good defensive coach, but with the way that Nebraska’s schedule gets rough after next season, it’s going to be a rough learning patch for Trent to improve from year 1 to 2 with no prior DC experience.

Gus Bradley

Solid resume. Grew up in B1G country and attended NDSU.

Defensive Coordinator at NDSU from 1996-2005. Became best buddies with Tim Miles.

Coached Barrett Ruud during his time at the Buccaneers linebacker coach from 2006-2008.

Became DC for the Seattle Seahawks from 2009-2012 and helped lead the team back to prominence which led to him taking the head coaching job for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013. He really likes to mix it up on the defensive front which could be a benefit for college-aged players.

You can read more about his system from SB Nation site, Big Cat Country, which covers the Jaguars.

Lance Anderson, Stanford

He's a good talent maximizer and Riley has shown a predilection for poaching promising PAC peeps from his previous playpen. If Nebraska opens up the checkbook, it might be an attractive place. Anderson has been on staff in Palo Alto since December 2006 when Jim Harbaugh was hired to lead the Cardinal program. Anderson has built a reputation as Stanford’s ace recruiter and has been instrumental in developing Stanford into one of the premier contemporary programs of college football.

Additionally, Anderson’s scheme doesn't require one of those highly-coveted 320 lbs+ nose guards, as his scheme uses smaller DT’s, more like a 3 technique DT at nose guard, to slant gaps and blow-up plays in the backfield.

Bonus: coaches at the University of Nebraska do not have incredibly rigid academic standards for recruits to clear as compared to those at Stanford.

Fred Pagac, Denver Broncos

(Jill added this one to the list for no reason other than she likes the Broncos)

Pagac is currently the inside linebackers coach for the Broncos. Over his career he played in the NFL as a tight end. He coached for 22 years at Ohio State so he is familiar with the B1G. He has defensive coordinator experience in both college and the NFL. His biggest draw is his ability to develop talent. He is currently tutoring former Husker Zaire Anderson (the only Nebraska tie Jill can find). He is also 65 years old and may be ready for one last grand adventure in coaching. This one started as a totally-not-serious-pick but I ended up really liking it despite the 0% chance it actually happens.

Joe Barry

Former Washington Redskins DC who was just dismissed. Did interact with Riley at USC during his GA time. Barry had one season at USC recruiting, and he did alright but a pretty small sample size in 2010. He has some college experience early in his career, but nothing P5 that you’d want to point at.

Tracy Claeys

He would know the Nebraska personnel pretty well, and has shown to be alright at Minnesota. However, one has to think he’s thermonuclear right now with what went down at Minnesota, so probably not in play at all.

Chris Ball

Currently the DC at Memphis, but has plenty of P5 experience by being with Todd Graham at Arizona State, with stops at Washington State, Alabama and Pittsburgh. Not part of a youth movement by far, but one guy that seems to know what he’s doing.

Alex Grinch

The DC at Washington State, who has done a lot in 2 years at 36 years old. Has coached at Missouri and Wyoming, while not with big recruiting chops yet would be interesting to see him work. It would mesh with the youth movement by Riley on the defensive side of the ball, but he’s also a small sample size.

Rex Ryan

He does have some college experience, being the DC of Cincinnati, Oklahoma and Kansas State from 1996-1999. I do doubt that Mike would want someone that is pretty loud and iffy with the press, but someone will want to link him with Nebraska cause sure.