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Big Red Cobcast: The Eric Warfield Interview

What an appropriate last name for a football champion.


This week on the Big Red Cobcast, we talk to 3 time National Champion and 8 year NFL vet, Eric Warfield!

Eric played under some great coaches at Nebraska. Obviously Osborne (great name for a band) and Charlie Mcbride but being a D back he played under the late Coach Darlington as well. After being drafted he played under the snakebitten Marty Schottenheimer at Kansas City. WE TALK ABOUT ALL OF THIS IN THE PODCAST I MEAN COME ON JUST LISTEN TO THE EPISODE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

I’m sorry for yelling at you for what seems like no reason.

Eric opened up about his feelings on this year’s team and staff and he also spoke about what some of the similarities may be between the Huskers of lore and the Huskers of tomorrow. Want to know what the mentality of turning a 7th round, out of position draft pick into an almost decade of a professional career is? I guess you’ll have to listen.

I’m a big fan of Eric and if you aren’t already - you will be after this podcast.

Also, I want to leave you with this little nugget from Mr. Warfield. “I’m not necessarily a runthedaggumball guy, I’m a winthedaggumgame guy”.

I think that’s something that every Cornhusker fan can get behind.

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