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Corn Flakes: Run The Ball Man Wants More, Weekend Games To Watch

The Huskers should keep running the ball as much as they have the past two games, and what games to watch this weekend (besides Nebraska, of course).

Gallery: Huskers Open Season with Win over Fresno St.

Most of this week we’ve heard about how Nebraska had too many rushing attempts against Fresno State and how they must find balance in their offense. For a refresher, Nebraska had 51 rushing attempts while throwing only 13 passes. Rounding up, that is a 80/20 run to pass ratio.

Husker Mike made a key point in his Fresno State report card last Sunday; the Huskers have had only one turnover in their past two games, two games in Nebraska ran the ball, 113 rushes, much much more than they threw it, 32 passes. We’ve heard that turnovers have been a problem for Nebraska for years.

For hypothetical purposes, let’s say I’m in favor of Nebraska running the ball on offense. An 80/20 run to pass ratio might be fine with me every week of this season.

It might be more than fine. It might be exactly what I’ve been waiting for for the past few years. Nebraska didn’t just run the ball, but they blocked well against a team that’s stacked the box against them. This is something that’s been missing from Nebraska football for a long time.

Now it’s like you want to take it away from me.

You might point out, “Nebraska has the best set of receivers in school history. Why not use them?”.

The proper counter is, “They’re not the best receivers in their own conference if they’re not downfield blocking”.

You might say, “We have a bunch of talented receiver recruits. If we don’t throw the ball enough, we might lose them.”

The counter to that is “We’re selling recruits on a future vision of Nebraska football, not what exists now. What we need to do now is win.”

You want to talk about balance.

Nebraska has a significant size advantage over Wyoming’s front four. There is no doubt that Wyoming will stack the box just like Fresno State did. There should be no reason why the Huskers have to go away from a 80/20 run to pass ratio against the Cowboys unless that’s what Danny Langsdorf wants to do.

There’s little doubt that Nebraska will have to resort to a more balanced passing attack against Big Ten conference foes. The Huskers talented receiving core will get their chances.

Next season when Tanner Lee and Patrick O’Brien compete for the starting quarterback position we will see a different offense.

In the meantime, just run the dadgummed ball.

This Weekend

There doesn’t appear to be many marquee matchups in this weekend’s college football schedule. Digging deeper, you might find some gems. I know that they don’t involve Nebraska, but there are some games that have great potential for fun.

Penn State at Pitt should be the game you flip to if you don’t want to watch commercials during the Nebraska vs Wyoming game.

Tulsa at Ohio State at 2:30 pm might be fun for a bit, if Tulsa’s offense can get anything going against the Buckeye defense.

Later in the evening is another rivalry, BYU versus Utah, otherwise known as “The Holy War”. Iowa versus Iowa State is always interesting especially if we have the chance to make fun of Hawkeyes. Arkansas versus TCU might give us the chance to ridicule Bert, as well as being an entertaining football contest.

#Pac-12AfterDark provides two games starting at 9:30 PM central that might be the funnest games of the day. Texas Tech plays at Arizona State, while Washington state plays at Boise State. Expect points galore and then more points after that.

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Charleston Southern plays FSU this weekend. Now because the NCAA decides that they can bully a FCS level team it’s it’s become more of a tragedy than the joke it was before. It’s one more reminder that the NCAA is a bully. They can’t enforce sanctions on a school that has the resources to stand up to them, so they push around the schools they can’t.

Charleston Southern doesn’t come out looking very good in this either, as they are the ones who should have known it was a NCAA violation in the first place. On top of that, they’re forcing the “student athletes” to pay for their mistake. In the end, it’s the guy who can’t defend himself that gets the shit end of the stick.

Then There’s This

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But the phone is not formally banned.

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