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Corn Flakes: Your University Grows, Baylor And Briles Still Drenched In Stench

Record enrollment at the University of Nebraska is good. Baylor and Art Briles continue to smell very bad.

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Record freshman class pushes enrollment to all-time high | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The university announced Sept. 7 that fall 2016 enrollment is 25,897 students, surpassing the previous enrollment record of 25,260 students that was set last year. The 2.5 percent increase from 2015 is the fourth straight year of enrollment growth and the biggest single-year jump in the number of students since 2007. The university is also enjoying the most diverse student body in its history this autumn.

Your university is growing! This is good news.

It’s good news because if you don’t build a highly educated population around which you can construct a future, you’re not going to have one. We’re moving toward a more highly automated world, one that will require high-level skills.

Note also the final line about diversity. That’s important as well as it brings in different points of view, which allows for more creativity, which in turn may lead to more potential startups and that means more jobs and more economy.

I know most of you don’t give a damn about this stuff, but it’s pretty important.

Innovation breeds innovation and entrepreneurship is contagious. If you can build a center for both that is also low-cost relative to the coasts and larger cities, you have a chance at building a decent future for Nebraskans and those that chose to make the state their home.

Failure to do so will leave the Nebraskans with a failing economy, few prospects, and if you thought it would be difficult to recruit for football before imagine what it would be like with a bleak future.

Nebraska professors fight fire with fire drones: BTN LiveBIG « Big Ten Network

Great news! A group of professors at the University of Nebraska has successfully tested a small drone that rains fire from the sky. As dystopian as that sounds, the group intends to use its powers for good, not evil. In the world of controlled burns that prevent the spread of spontaneous wildfires and reduce invasive plant species, their work could revitalize parts of the Great Plains and save the lives of firefighters – all thanks to a cross-discipline project that includes experts on mechanical engineering and ecology.

Anything with drones and Nebraska is automatically cool and gets linked here (if I know about it).

Huskers Take Strong Start to Lobo Classic - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Huskers will play three matches in three days, beginning with an exhibition against Montreal University on Thursday at 6 p.m. (CT) at The Pit. Nebraska will play regular-season matches against Arkansas on Friday at 6 p.m. and New Mexico on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Only Saturday’s match against New Mexico will be available for viewing. A free live stream link will be available at

Stats Six-Pack: Wyoming-Nebraska | Hail Varsity

Identifying six key stats to monitor during this week's Wyoming-Nebraska game along with a rankings roundup and some bonus trivia thrown in.

Blood trumps past for Wingard family - University Of Wyoming

“(Andrew) was sitting in front of me on the aisle, and coming up the aisle toward us was a Wyoming coed,” Dan Wingard said. “She was clearly a college student. It was a warm day. She was an absolutely beautiful girl – blonde, wearing brown and gold, cowboy boots and cutoff shorts.

Notebook: Wyoming return teams show flashes in opener | Football |

LARAMIE — Wyoming’s special teams gave a sneak preview of what they’re capable of in the Cowboys’ season-opening win against Northern Illinois.

Nick Gates Gets High Grade - Pro Football Focus

I don’t know how they grade this, if they actually watch film from every game or what. I’m a little skeptical about it, but Gates is certainly turning heads early, which is nice to hear.

Big Ten

Big Ten Football Week Two in MS Paint Infographics - Off Tackle Empire

Previewing Week Two for those of you who don’t like to read

This is funny. I don’t get the lasagna joke. I hate admitting that I don’t get a joke, but that’s about as honest as I can get.

Minnesota terminates J Robinson, Brandon Eggum named interim wrestling head coach - The Daily Gopher

J Rob’s 30 year tenure leading Minnesota Wrestling is over

This is shocking. That is all.

Cincinnati at Purdue Preview - Hammer and Rails

The Darrell Hazell era began with a thud in Cincinnati. Does its turnaround begin with the same team?

TCQ Traffic Report: State Road 37 is a dystopian nightmare to be avoided at all costs - The Crimson Quarry


Here’s why you need to attend Illinois Football’s game against North Carolina - The Champaign Room

This was not a dream; four minutes of SportsCenter coverage for the Illinois Fighting Illini. This game atmosphere will be more exciting than any home game in the Tim Beckman or Bill Cubit eras. From personal experience, I’ll tell you it’s possible. In 2011, coming off a 2010 bowl win over Baylor, Illinois took the field against No. 23 Arizona State under the lights.

I’m very interested to see what Illinois can do with Lovie Smith. Illinois seems like they could be in much better program than they are if they only find the right coach.

Emphasis on details gave Wisconsin the win vs. LSU - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Always heed the details.

Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez signs contract extension through 2021 - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Barry's not going anywhere anytime soon.

I mean, he has to stick around long enough for Eichorst to destroy Nebraska and then take over his job at Wisconsin, right?

Hate Week: A Brief History - Black Heart Gold Pants

Iowa and Iowa State face off in Kinnick Saturday night, let’s take a look at the series history to get you ready.

FROM THE GRAPEVINE*: University of Nebraska to rejoin Big 12? - Black Heart Gold Pants

This isn’t just a consipracy theory. Cold. Hard. Facts.

This is rather damned funny. The fact that it heavily involves me makes it even more hilarious.


Q&A with Streaking the Lawn - Addicted To Quack

In preparation for Saturdays matchup, we had a short conversation with our friends from Streaking the Lawn

Oregon plays Virginia this coming weekend, the same Virginia that lost to Richmond last weekend.

USC's anger boils over, as JuJu Smith-Schuster fights, then briefly leaves field - LA Times

A gratuitous celebration after a pass breakup had angered Smith-Schuster, USC’s No. 1 receiver. Words were exchanged. Frustration boiled. Smith-Schuster and safety Ykili Ross began to scuffle, and much of the defense joined. After taking a few swings, Smith-Schuster and another player locked and hurled themselves at the turf. A third player was tossed nearby.

WATCH: Every College Football Fan in 90 Seconds - Maize n Brew

What every fanbase in the Top 25 is thinking this week.

An excellent, well-done bit.

An estimated $90 billion will be bet on football this season, most of it illegally, group says - LA Times

The AGA predicts that $88 billion will be gambled through illegal channels. It said the estimate is based on a National Gambling Impact Study Commission report and legal gambling activity at Nevada sports books.

This sounds like a made up number, but I haven’t had a chance to look at the report yet. What y’all think?


A New Report Questions Pepper Hamilton Investigation, but Art Briles is Sorry Anyway - Our Daily Bears

What are we to make of an article acquitting Briles of wrongdoing and an article professing his regret being released thirty minutes apart?

What we’re to think is that someone finally got it into Art Briles thick as fuck skull that he has to be contrite if he’s ever going to repair his image.

We’re also to take it that someone released information or an article that’s purposefully intended to draw suspicion about the Pepper Hamilton report.

Sources question whether BU sexual assault investigation was flawed

Baylor and Pepper Hamilton, the independent law firm the university hired to investigate the sexual assault scandal that engulfed the school’s football program, fumbled, according to university insiders and secret recordings of meetings with athletic staffers obtained by KWTX, which suggest that the firm’s investigators came to Waco with an agenda to purge members of the football program and had a racial undertone in their line of questioning.

Pretty simple way of drawing criticism to a report; insinuate that there is racism involved.

Two of those sources, who were interviewed independently and by different investigators, said they were asked by the Pepper Hamilton investigator why there were so many black players on the team, and one was asked if he ever saw his black athletes hanging around white women.

Briles supporters can defend him by saying that the report was flawed, while Briles antagonists can put the blame on him while defending Baylor. It’s beautifully played by both parties, well, except if you think that anyone coming clean and accepting blame has anything to do with the situation. In that case, it still stinks.

The question “Would you let your daughter go to Baylor?” needs to be accompanied with “Would you let your school hire Art Briles?”

This bitching probably won’t matter in the end. People will continue to support both because they have their rational for doing so.

Art Briles says he's sorry for what happened under his watch with Baylor Bears

"I made mistakes. I did wrong, but I'm not doing this trying to make myself feel better for apologizing," Briles told ESPN's Tom Rinaldi. "I understand I made some mistakes. There was some bad things that went on under my watch. I was the captain of this ship. The captain of the ship goes down with it.

The interview will be shown on ESPN’s College Gameday this Saturday. I can’t stand Rinaldi. I wonder if both he and Briles will cry on cue when Rinaldi asks the obligatory “What if this was your daughter?” question?