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Cobs of the Week: Appalachian State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, ND/Texas Refs & Josh Boutte

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The start of the 2016 college football season also brings us the return of one of CornNation's finest features:  the Cob of the Week. Each week during football season, we select the worst of the weekend to receive the Cob.  This is an on-the-field award, so we exclude things from outside of the games of the week (such as Jerry Sandusky or the scum that robbed the Foltz family while they were at Saturday night's game).

So who are the candidates for the Cob?

Appalachian State

Nine years ago, Appalachian State went into the Big House to collect a Big Paycheck, and walked away with a Big Upset.  Thursday night, they had another chance to pull off the upset, this time at Tennessee...except that quarterback Taylor Lamb didn't keep an eye on the clock and let it run out before they got a chance to try a game winning field goal.

Mississippi State

Does the name "South Alabama" mean anything to you?  A Nebraska team that went 5-7 last season whipped the Jaguars 48-9 last season.  Saturday afternoon, the Jaguars beat Mississippi State 21-20 after Hell State doinked a 28 yard field goal.

Ole Miss

Not to be outdone, Ohhhhh Miss blew a 28-6 lead just before halftime. In just 14 minutes of game clock, Florida State scored 30 points enroute to a 45-34 victory. Ohhh, Hugh Freeze....

Gary Patterson & Richard Jordan

Those names may not register with you...and they normally shouldn't. Referees should be just part of the background of the game. Except these two, who missed one of the most egregious targeting calls as Texas' DeShon Elliott drills Torii Hunter, Jr.

Josh Boutte

LSU offensive lineman took offense at Wisconsin's D'Cota Dixon for taking their football to end the game.

He's been suspended for this weekend's game against Jacksonville State.