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Mike Riley News Conference Recap (9/5/2016): Reflections on Fresno State

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

During football season, Labor Day is not a holiday for Nebraska's football coaches, though it is for the players. And since Mike Riley held his weekly news conference today, it's not a holiday for people who cover Husker football.

He also brought up the performance of the young man who had the biggest shoes of all to fill last Saturday night.

A "Get Off My Lawn" moment? Mike Riley was not pleased about the two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for celebrations.

He has a point about the penalties, but there is a danger of looking out of touch with the generation of players. Trick is to find ways to celebrate or express yourself within the rules.

If you left the stadium concerned about Nebraska's punt return game, you weren't alone.

While those of us in the "Run the Ball" love this year's approach more than last year's , expect the pendulum to begin to shift back towards a little more passing.

After Nebraska's offensive line looked like a Three Stooges/Keystone Kops skit when David Knevel had to leave the game due to injury, Mike Riley is rethinking having offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh up in the press box.

The secondary should be at full strength this Saturday, as "Defense Rex" should be back.

Riley also talked about the two-point conversion trick play and why they ran it.

OK, you force teams to focus on it now...but didn't showing the formation force that issue? And now, opponents now know what to defend...unless you have another play to run off of the formation. We'll look back later in the season as to who wins this game of chess.

Maybe I've become immune to the number of penalties, but I thought the opening game was relatively clean in terms of penalties.

Riley was also asked about the story about the burglary at the home of Sam Foltz's brother during the game.

Some people simply have no decency.

For some reason, I doubt that Mike Riley stayed up until 3:30 am Sunday morning to watch the storm-delayed Wyoming game live, but he did watch the video.

Don't sleep on this weekend's opponent. Wyoming and Craig Bohl will be focused on this game.