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Gallery: Huskers Open Season with Win over Fresno St.

It was an emotional night in Memorial Stadium as the Huskers opened their 2016 campaign with a 43-10 win over Fresno State. The memory and remembrances of Sam Foltz were inescapable. There was a memorial outside the stadium, SF27 was plastered on pins and t-shirts and decals on the back of helmets. His parents and family took the field to hand out the first ever Sam Foltz Memorial Scholarship to Drew Brown. Signs littered the stadium and the thoughts of everyone in attendance wandered constantly to who was wasn’t there. Dry eyes were hard to find; Sam was not forgotten.

When the football did get underway, it wasn’t the prettiest football we’ll see this year. The Huskers struggled to do anything right on either side of the ball, taking a tenuous 14-10 lead into halftime. The Huskers controlled the second half, scoring all 29 points after the break, shutting out the Bulldogs the rest of the way.

The Huskers were led by Devine Ozigbo’s 103 rushing yards and 2 TD’s. Senior QB Tommy Armstrong was grounded for much of the game, only attempting 10 passes, completing 5 for 108 yards and a TD.