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Nebraska & Others Around College Football Remember Sam Foltz

The fallen Huskers kicker was remembered around college football today on opening weekend

Rest in Peace Sam Foltz David McGee

In the opening weekend of the college football season, many folks around the sport honored the memory of fallen Nebraska Kicker Sam Foltz. And that was before the Huskers did their own remembrance.

Earlier in the day, as Wisconsin defeated LSU in the confines of Lambeau Field, Badgers Kicker Rafael Gaglianone wore the #27 that he promised. And, as he kicked a few field goals, including the winning one, he made sure to point the number.

As the Husker specialists took the field to start the game, the senior from Grand Island was on their mind as well.

And then Robin Washut of Rivals/HOL dropped this nugget on Twitter.

The initial Sam Foltz Hero 27 scholarship for the 2016 season was given to a very familiar person.

Before the national anthem, the Cornhusker marching band led the stadium in a moment of silence for Foltz as well.

And then... the Tunnel Walk.

Not a dry eye in the house. And all the fervor in the locker room.

The Huskers just went three and out on the first possession, and Nebraska honored him one more time.