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Big Ten Power Poll: Week Four

The Corn Nation staff rack and stack ‘em after the first week of the B1G season.

Paul: The top-3 in the Big Ten is pretty clear. Brutus is in a class all his own, and the Harbaughs are very, very good. Wisconsin has now knocked off two top-10 teams, including its 30-6 baby seal clubbing of Sparty on Saturday.

Positions and 4 and 5, and 6 and 7 are kind of interchangeable. I am still a bit skeptical of Nebraska, so I’m putting the clubbed baby seals over the Huskers. Is Minnesota better than Iowa? Does it matter? Not really. Neither is going to be in the B1G Championship Game.

After that the bottom half of the Big Ten is, and it seems like I’ve said this before, a hot freakin’ mess.

Jon: Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin! That isn't how the college football world is going to see it though. They're going to see Michigan at #2, and will as long as Wisconsin employs a guy that could put you to sleep after having to listen to him talk for three minutes. Harbaugh would never put you to sleep - you'd be wanting to watch your stuff while he's around not so much as he'd steal it as wipe a booger on it.

Andy: Ohio St. & Wisconsin – Solidify their holds on #1 & #2. Based on their the Top 10 rankings of their opponents at the time, a few voices are heard that Wiscy should pop to #1. But…c’mon. LSU is a dumpster fire and much like last year but even more glaringly, the Spartans are nowhere near a Top 10 team – the Notre Dame Effect struck again.

Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan – Everybody bumps up a spot. Michigan does not get to jump Minnesota for simply being named Michigan, a concept that I know is completely foreign in Ann Arbor.

Maryland – Still undefeated while 3 teams ahead lost. Screw it, bump them up too.

Mich St., Penn St., Indiana – Slide on down boys.

Iowa – Really impressive effort against Rutgers, Hawks. Why don’t you just hold tight at #10.

Purdue – A win over Nevada edges them closer to a Top 10 ranking! Well, in their conference, anyway.

Northwestern – This is a bad, bad football team.

Rutgers, Illinois – Despite the close loss, Rutgers holds at 13 for, with Iowa’s help, setting college football back 40 years. The bad news for Lovie Smith is that his "Era" is off to a horrid start. The good news is that you have to 1) have a fan base and 2) have it be aware that your school has football team in order for there to be a hot seat.

Greggers: It’s difficult to market the Big Ten as a waking giant/juggernaut when the good teams we beat end up not being very good (looking at you, LSU and Oregon...and Notre Dame). But seriously, Ohio State is still very good. Wisconsin is a solid #2 (as in second best, not a good poop). Michigan has an offense that won’t stop, and unless one of them stumbles, The Game will determine who is in Indianapolis the first weekend of December. Nebraska is a good choice for the 4-spot as they still have a lot of proving to do. After Michigan State,’s not very good.