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Cobs of the Week: Michigan State, Notre Dame, Oregon, Bruce Read and Rashaan Gaulden

It’s a weak slate this week...but who was the worst of this past weekend in college football?

Michigan State v Notre Dame Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

I’m going to be brutally honest right up front: this is not a good week for Cob candidates. By that, I mean the level of suckage was rather low. But the Cob must go on, so we’ll go with what we’ve got.

Michigan State

It looks like a down year for the Spartans, and that reality set in this past weekend as Wisconsin took Michigan State behind their own woodshed. It really wasn’t much of a contest as the Badgers won 30-6.

Notre Dame

I think everybody in college football got a false sense of Michigan State’s strength after they beat Notre Dame last week. But now we know that Notre Dame is, well, Lame. Lame with a 1-3 record after the Irish lost to Duke. Not Mike Krzyzewski’s basketball team, mind you. Duke football.


Long-time followers of the Cob recognize that CoLOLrado is a frequent candidate for this award, so when they pull off an upset, the losing team automatically gets consideration. The Buffs have only won five conference games since joining the Pac-12...but are 1-0 after upsetting Oregon.

Bruce Read

The Huskers special teams had another off week. Northwestern punted six times; none were returned. Even worse, Nebraska was caught shorthanded multiple times on punt coverage.

Rashaan Gaulden

Don’t recognize the name? You probably weren’t watching Florida play Tennessee. Officials caught Tennessee’s Rashaan Gaulden spinning to the turf well after the play was over, and threw a flag at Florida receiver Brandon Powell, who must have thrown one heck of a punch. Powell was ejected, because it had to be one heck of a cheap shot.

But then CBS found that the blimp shot caught what happened. Or rather, what didn’t happen.

Nice flop.

So there you have’s a weak slate, but it’s the worst of this past weekend. Who gets this week’s Cob?