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Big Red Cobcast: Let's Take A Knee, Guys.

Hey man, it's me - The Big Red Cobcast. Please, have a listen.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

So... Northwestern is as stupid and shitty as I thought they were. Duh. I mean, we DEMOLISHED them. If they were a foundation, we would be the jack hammer that is used to put in I-Beams. If they were "The Rockers" (Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty), Then we were Ax and Smash! WWF Reference FTW!!!

Up next, Illinois. Lovie Smith. Dumb name, dumb team. Other than Chicago and downtown Naperville, dumb state. Also, the "S" is silent, please stop saying the "S".

On a side note, every time you enter a new room, proclaim "This is the Champagne Room". Then ask a girl for a lap dance and then start laughing uncontrollably because of the sweet joke you just made. It'll kill. All I ask is that at some point you give me a little credit for the bit by yelling "That joke was from the BIG RED COBCAST, YOU CAN FIND THEM ON iTUNES!!!!"

Thanks guys.

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