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Mike Riley News Conference Recap (9/26/15): Michael Rose-Ivey Issues Statement on National Anthem Protest

Powerful words by Nebraska’s senior linebacker over some of the deplorable comments directed to him.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Mike Riley began his weekly news conference with a few thoughts about the Northwestern game.

But it wasn’t all good.

Riley also praised players who played well this week.

Interesting to note that Whitaker came into the game after Tanner Farmer left with an injury. With Farmer out this week, look for Whitaker to get another chance to play this week.

Yes he is. Hopefully he’ll get more opportunities this week against Illinois. Speaking of which...

Next, talk turned to the topic of Michael Rose-Ivey, Dai’shon Neal and Mohammed Barry kneeling during the National Anthem before Saturday’s game.

Other players gave their thoughts as well:

I suspect that Zach Darlington wasn’t in agreement with Rose-Ivey’s actions. Then Michael Rose-Ivey read a prepared statement:

Some in the media reacted to what they heard. Frankly, I’m all on board with what Dan and Erin are saying.

I’m a white male, so I can’t speak to what Sorensen or Rose-Ivey have to deal with. But I have no reason to doubt what they are saying, because I see enough examples out there to believe that these are not just isolated examples. If anything, it actually seems like it might be getting worse in this country.

While they are a minority, they are a very vocal minority who seem to be raising their volume in society today.

And that’s good to know. Personally, I’m proud of the stand that Rose-Ivey, Barry and Neal took.


Michael Rose-Ivey posted his entire statement to Twitter.