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Five Heart Podcast Episode 4

Greg and Brian get into what they saw against Oregon, and what they think may happen vs. the Wildcats of Northwestern

The Husker defense celebrates after making the stop that preserves the win for the home team.
David McGee
(Photo by David McGee - Corn Nation)


The Nebraska Cornhuskers remain undefeated after a 35-32 win over the previously-ranked Oregon Ducks.


Two words...Tommy Armstrong. That kid (he probably qualifies as an adult by now) battled through cramps and dehydration to will the Huskers to victory. It certainly wasn't the Tommy Armstrong Show, as he had plenty of help from a Terrell Newby and Devine Ozigbo, his reliable receiving corps, and an offensive line that has grown leaps and bounds.

The defense played great against the team speed of Oregon, and this guy had a couple solid plays, one that really contributed to his growing legend.

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, etc etc."
(Photo by David McGee - Corn Nation)

Listen in as Brian and Greg talk about the Oregon game, look forward to the game at the Wildcat Jungle in Evanston, and and touch on a few other topics in the newest Five Heart Podcast, available on iTunes.

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