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Corn Flakes: Big College Football Games This Weekend

What are the biggest college football games this weekend? What’s going to happen? What brought about the downfall of America?

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USC v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

We’re already at Week FOUR in college football season. After this weekend, the regular season will be a THIRD over! WHY CAN’T THEY PLAY 28 GAMES? OR 30?

All times below are Eastern.

  • #11 Wisconsin at #12 Michigan State (Noon, BTN)
  • #10 Texas A&M vs #17 Arkansas at JerryWorld (9 P.M., ESPN)

BERT’s team is ranked and 3-0. The Aggies have won the last four against the pigs; the last two coming in overtime. What will BERT do to counter Texas A&M phenom defensive end Myles Garrett? Why didn’t Garrett come to Nebraska? DAMMIT.

Only reason I can figure this starts so late is because Jerry wants everyone good and hammered so they’re willing to pay the outrageous concession prices.

BTW, you know what’s been missing this season? Enjoying Jen Bielema on twitter after losses.

  • #12 Georgia at #23 Ole Miss (Noon, ESPN)

Ole Miss has lost two games already this season; to #1 Alabama and to #2 (at the time) Florida State. Georgia is 3-0. They fought North Carolina for four quarters and barely beat Nicholls State (!). They needed five turnovers from our old buddies Mizzou, then they still had to score a last-minute touchdown to win by a point.

The thing about those five turnovers? The Bulldogs converted them into ZERO points. How do you do that? That’s as hapless as Iowa State getting eight turnovers gifted to them from Nebraska in 2009 (sorry to bring that up).

Georgia wants to run Nick Chubb. Ole Miss will stack and force the Dawgs to throw. The Rebels will have plenty of weapons on offense to counter.

  • #19 Florida at #14 Tennessee (3:30 P.M., CBS)

I have to admit, I know next to nothing about Florida. I haven’t watched the Gators play in quite a while. I keep expecting them to break out in an offensive explosion, but they haven’t, for a long time. Right now Florida is 40th in total offense, just ahead of Nebraska at 41. That’s by yards per game.

Unfortunately, the Gators’ scoring offense is 58th, whereas Nebraska is 18th.

I have watched Tennessee twice, and each time, their center gets repeatedly blown up. Both teams seem to be offensively challenged, but the Vols need to win this

  • #13 Florida State at USF (Noon, ABC)

USF has played Towson, Northern Illinois and Syracuse - not exactly a murderer’s row of a non-conference schedule. Thing is, they’ve scored 56, 48, and 45 points respectively in those games to go 3-0.

The ‘Noles are coming off an ass-kicking by Louisville. Their defense was shredded. Their Heisman Trophy candidate Dalvin Cook hasn’t hit 100 yards in a game yet this season. THEY DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE ANYMORE.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if they lost another game to a fellow Florida school?

  • #7 Stanford at UCLA (8:00 P.M., ABC)

If we were counting “Others Receiving Votes”, then UCLA is ranked #27.

Let’s just call this game what this it is - the Christian McCffrey’s against the Bruins. Can UCLA’s defense, which did a good job against BYU, giving up 23 yards on 25 attempts, stop the Cardinal ground game? Can UCLA’s Josh Rosen not throw interceptions?


He’s the best college football player in the nation. He was last season, and should have won the Heisman.

  • Oklahoma State at #16 Baylor (7:30 P.M., Fox)

Did you notice what was missing from the list above? Yes! A big Big 12 game! This one really isn’t THAT big a game, but it is a chance for Baylor to lose, and by losing I mean the Big 12 probably being out of the picture for the College Football Playoff.

Baylor is 3-0 against no one, while Oklahoma State lost to Central Michigan on a play that shouldn’t have counted but did anyway. Cowboy QB Mason Rudolph threw for 540 yards (!) last week against Pitt, and Bear QB Seth Russell is one of the best in the nation.

Baylor is favored, and it’s at home where they have an excellent winning percentage, you know, over the past few years when they allowed anyone on their team.

This game should be about points. A shitload of points. Is anyone for Baylor?

Story Time!

I have a short story to tell you. A true story.

My youngest son is a senior in high school. He tells me last week that he’s been given an assignment to write about a “life changing event”. I tell him, “The obvious choice is my heart attack and how you felt when that happened”.

“Are you going to write about that?”


“Why not?”

“One day they told us you were going to die. The next day they told us you were going to live. It wasn’t that big a deal.”

That friggin’ kid is going to be one helluva engineer some day.


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Then There's This

ESPN might let customers buy streaming sports a la carte | New York Post

Disney is considering charging customers to access sports on a per-season basis and perhaps even a specific date, according to Chief Executive Bob Iger. He noted that in the UK, Fox-backed Sky is already doing that.

Perhaps they could continue to consider it while losing more and more customers.

The Great Depression diet: Spicy was out and bland was in - MarketWatch

The people who were leading the culinary reform movement (primarily white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant women, such as the “home extension agents,” who were unfamiliar with the foods immigrants were bringing with them to the U.S.) were concerned that this type of food “stimulant” would lead to cravings for more stimulation, such as alcohol, Ziegelman said.

Read this. It’s interesting. Spicy food would make you feel things, maybe, then you’d be more susceptible to other things and then it all caves in after that.

And that, my friends, is why we have these two as our candidates for president.


High-fat cheese: the secret to a healthy life?

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Obviously paid for by everyone in Wisconsin. HIGH FAT CHEESE. EAT IT BY THE BUCKET!