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Big Ten Power Poll: Week Three

Where did the Corn Nation staff rank all of the Big Ten teams after Week 3?

David McGee

Did we overreact to Iowa’s loss? Probably. But we distributed North Dakota State’s votes amongst the rest of the B1G West.

Ohio State maintained their stranglehold on the #1 spot. Illinois continues its free-fall down the rankings while Northwestern climbed out of the cellar. Up until now, it has all been speculation and perceptions about the strength of non-conference opponents. This week, the gloves come off and we get some head-to-head matchups that should begin to clear everything up.

Or confuse the picture. The B1G is good for that.

Keith: Michigan State makes a big move up this week as they prove they can play with the big boys. Almost had Nebraska leap them due to their secondary woes. Move Michigan down past Nebraska due to the fact that if Colorado had a punter and a quarterback who doesn’t get injured, I believe Michigan loses that game. The bottom of the rankings was hard, which team sucked the least? Wisconsin may have problems without Corey Clement.

Greg: Well, I think Ohio state solidified their holdings on the top spot, but I won’t go so far as to say they’ve secured the East Division, as Sparty and Michigan are going to challenge. Nebraska continues its steady rise while Iowa tumbles after a loss to FCS North Dakota State. And after Minnesota (who was off), it’s just a trainwreck.

David: Maybe I’m just being contrarian, but MSU just keeps on trucking. Ohio State is probably the best team, but I’m giving my top spot to Sparty for this week. Heck, I had Iowa #1 last week, so what do I know? I think Wisconsin is in trouble with the injuries they’ve suffered and a new QB, too? Oof. I guess this is the year to do it, though. The expectations are low, let him learn, he’ll be better for it down the road.

Andy: Ohio St. jumps to #1 for the Sooner dick-stomping. I’m keeping Wiscy at #2 but just barely. They stay ahead of Michigan St because even though LSU was not #5 material, that Domer loss to Texas is starting to look worse & worse, so huge props may not be due for Sparty’s win. Why doesn’t Nebraska jump ahead of either then for taking down the Ducks? Because nicking the #24 team at home that - lost Royce Freeman, had basically a freshman O-line along with a QB new to D-1 big-game road crowds, saw their head coach go insane on extra points & was the first team in history that saw an officiating crew favor the Huskers at home – does not qualify as more impressive than Sparty & Wiscy’s signature wins thus far. Minnesota, Michigan & Penn St. are next for at least having wins or decent performances against Power 5 members. Maryland & Indiana follow for being undefeated and not much else – they’ve basically been playing NCAA 2016 on the Beginner setting. Northwestern crawls out of my cellar for beating Duke who might be down this year but aren’t the joke they used to be. The rest may not be winless but they’re all still the dreck of the conference.

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