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Cobs: Florida State, Iowa, Andy Fales, and Guys Flipping the Ball to the Ref Prematurely

NCAA Football: North Dakota State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Some weeks, it’s just too easy to come up with nominations for the worst of the weekend in college football. This is one of those weeks, because one of our old standbys came through once again. But we won’t lead off with it.

Florida State

It was supposed to the biggest game of the day, but instead became one of the biggest blowouts of the game. Louisville scores seven straight touchdowns on the ‘Noes with ESPN’s entire operation watching. Two late garbage scores for Florida State didn’t make it any more palatable as the ‘Noles went down 63-20.


You knew this was coming even before North Dakota State’s game winning field goal landed in the Iowa bleachers. But I’ll be honest here: we shouldn’t be surprised here. North Dakota State has won their last five games against Power Five competition. So I’m calling an audible here and nominating the ENTIRE STATE OF IOWA here. Why? All three Division 1 football programs went 0-3 this weekend. Iowa State lost 41-20 to TCU and Northern Iowa lost to Eastern Washington. Still not Cob worthy you say? How about this: those three Iowa football programs in Division 1 have combined for only one victory against a non-Iowa team: Iowa’s 45-21 victory over Miami-Ohio...who’s also 0-3 with losses to Eastern Illinois and Western Kentucky.

Andy Fales

You know what’s worse than watching your team lose? Watching your team lose after you’ve run your mouth off with smack. On a Des Moines TV station.

He pulled this same schtick two years ago when Iowa State played - and lost to - the Bison. So yeah, he’s just a troll with a camera and a microphone.

Who lives in Iowa.

Guys Flipping the Ball Prematurely

What was it last weekend? First, South Carolina State.

Then Joe Mixon of the Oklahoma Sooners.

And finally Cal’s Vic Enwere.

The refs couldn’t ignore South Carolina State’s fumble while they ignored Mixon. The refs were even more clueless with Enwere’s; they ruled that Texas didn’t make "immediate recovery".

So what’s the worst from this past weekend?