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Corn Flakes: Weekend Preview, What Wastes Your Time, Nebraska Is Sexually Healthy!

News news news news news!

Louisville v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

We’re coming up on another big weekend in college football. Not only does Nebraska play its biggest game of the season so far, but there are four games between ranked teams. Note that the top three teams in the country are playing on the road against ranked opponents this weekend

  • #14 Oklahoma – #3 Ohio State

Oklahoma has already lost to Houston earlier this season, and a loss to Ohio State would virtually guarantee that they have no shot of being in the college football playoff. For Ohio State this is a validation game. How good is the Buckeye defense?

  • #1 Alabama – #19 Ole Miss

Alabama has lost two games over the last three seasons. Two of those losses have come against Ole Miss. You think there might be some revenge involved this weekend?

  • #12 Michigan State – #19 Notre Dame

An old rivalry renewed. Notre Dame was already upset earlier by Texas this season, while Sparty has only played one game so far and not looked that impressive beating Furman 28-13.

  • #2 Florida State – #10 Louisville

This is a Heisman game for Louisville quarterback Lemar Jackson. If he can put up big numbers against Florida State’s defense like he has earlier this season the Cardinals will win in Jacksonville have a big head up on a big ass trophy.

  • Nebraska vs #22 Oregon

This is a big game for all of us in Nebraska land, but it’s not that big a game on the national stage. You could argue that’s because of the other four ranked games, but really it’s because you have two has-beens fighting to see which is on an upwards trajectory.

A Short Story

I have been meeting with a speech pathologist on a regular basis. The meetings are centered around discovering what specifically has been damaged in my brain and energy management. This last week we discussed the fact that I work too much, and the speech pathologist is concerned that I’m not giving time for my brain to recover.

We discussed my goals and things that are important to me, i.e., things I’m not willing to give up such as my regular job, writing, time with my family, and then we discussed things I do that waste energy but do not coincide with my goals. I came up with three things that are a complete time waste.

  • Social media
  • Reddit
  • Video games

If you’re thinking that this is just another roundabout way to tell you that social media is a bane to humanity and you should stay the hell off of it, you know me pretty well. I have spent the last week staying off social media, websites that are of little value, and drastically reduced time on Overwatch and Fallout 4.


Note the asterisk in the lower left of the graphic - Based off the Top 25 college football teams from the AP poll Week 2.

This might be one of the stupidest graphics I’ve ever seen made. I have no idea how Darren Ravel has a 1.5 million followers on twitter. I guess that I’m posting it here so the marketing for eBay must work. I’m the dumb one aren’t I?


Oregon Ducks defensive coordinator Brady Hoke gets another shot at Nebraska Cornhuskers QB Tommy Armstrong Jr. | Oregon Ducks Football | Eugene, Oregon

Brady Hoke will be looking for a small measure of revenge on Tommy Armstrong Jr. During the 2013 season, the then-freshman quarterback threw a left-handed 5-yard shovel pass to Ameer Abdullah for the winning touchdown in Nebraska’s 17-13 victory at Michigan, which dashed Hoke’s Big Ten title hopes.

Brady Hoke knows what to expect from Nebraska, but what about Ducks' defense? 'It will be a real test' |

"The two-back sets and the physicalness they want to play with, the way they'll hang onto blocks and try to get movement at the line of scrimmage," said Hoke, who faced the Huskers as Michigan's coach. "Typical Nebraska that way. Then two-man routes and the max protections — that's something that'll always gives you problems."

College football, Week 3: Schedule, TV listings, S&P+ picks - Football Study Hall

Oregon with a 55.3% probability of a win over Nebraska.

Boasting of Nebraska’s History, and Lately Little Else - The New York Times

“People like to see hard-nosed football,” he added. “People like to see us running over people. People like to see us being smart, clever and not making mistakes, because that’s the way we view ourselves: as tough people who historically — the people who came here survived the Dust Bowl and kept the land going and producing crops — had to have a certain level of toughness about them.”

I’m assuming most of you have seen this article already?

Most of it is a rehash of what we already know about Husker history, but it has a very salient point. How long can we keep selling the past? How long before we’re just plain bored with it?

Big Ten

Ohio State-Oklahoma is a huge game that will be decided by 3 simple things -

Ohio State-Oklahoma is a huge game that will be decided by little things: field position, finishing drives, and avoiding passing downs.

Big plays and red zone success will determine Ohio State vs. Oklahoma - Land-Grant Holy Land

It'll take explosive passes and big plays on defense to take down Oklahoma in Norman.

Maryland football vs. UCF preview: Terps make their second trip to Florida - Testudo Times

Here’s how the Terps stack up against the Knights.

MSU Football Preview: Game Two — Notre Dame - The Only Colors

After a brief hiatus, Michigan State and Notre Dame renew a nearly 120 year-old rivalry

Rutgers vs New Mexico || Game Preview - On the Banks

Tomorrow, Rutgers looks to improve its record to 2-1 against the New Mexico Lobos in a noon kickoff in Piscataway. New Mexico is coming off of an upset loss to in-state rival New Mexico State while...

Game Preview: Michigan Football vs. Colorado - Maize n Brew

Everything you need to know about Saturday’s game, including streaming info and broadcast information, can be found here.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Iowa Football Opponent Preview: North Dakota State Bison - Black Heart Gold Pants

Here come the Bison!

Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with The Ralphie Report - Maize n Brew

In our Q&A, the Ralphie Report’s Jack Barsch shares his takeaways from Colorado’s first two wins, describes just how fast the Buffs’ tempo is, divulges the weak spot of Colorado’s pass defense,

Jim Harbaugh did not find Colorado's depth chart joke amusing | FOX Sports

Never change, Jim Harbaugh. You're perfect just the way you are.

Basically what this means is, "Stay the thin-skinned jackass you are, because you're an easy quote". How long does this work?

President’s column: The vanishing depth chart

So we need the Division I Football Oversight Committee to not only implement rules to provide such depth charts, but to put real teeth in those rules. And while committee members are at it, establish some rules against coaches changing players’ numbers on a weekly basis. Confusion can reign.

FWAA President Mark Anderson wants real depth charts. We complain about announcers not getting the names right - maybe we shouldn’t complain so much?

Did Jim Harbaugh eat a booger? A Crimson Quarry investigation - The Crimson Quarry

It’s our bye week so we have time to do some VERY SERIOUS journalism.

Athletic Department Reveals Pregame Plans for Temple Game - Black Shoe Diaries

Penn State Athletic Director Sandy Barbour revealed details of pregame ceremony to mark the 50th Anniversary of Paterno’s first game.

Northwestern vs. Duke: Three Key Matchups - Inside NU

If Northwestern wants to turn around its 2016 season, it starts against Duke. Here are three key matchups to watch.


3 keys to Louisville-Florida State, the Cardinals’ biggest home game in a decade -

The season's first official all-top-10 battle should be decided by FSU’s ability to control the line of scrimmage on defense, Dalvin Cook’s breakout potential, and, as always, turnovers.

Ole Miss needs to generate chaos to beat Alabama again - Red Cup Rebellion

The only thing resembling a blueprint to beating Nick Saban is to set the field on fire. Let's take a look at the numbers.

Previewing Alabama vs. Ole Miss: The Rebel defense - Roll 'Bama Roll

Alabama knows what they’ll get from the Rebel defense this Saturday…will they be better equipped to deal with it than in the previous two attempts?

The Big 12 Seems Unlikely to Expand - Our Daily Bears

Few things change as often as whether the Big 12 will expand or not. Early it looked like the league would never expand. Then it sounded like the league might, only to hear it wouldn’t again.

I have serious doubts as to whether they’ll expand. They have no vision. The only way they expand is if they all get in a room and throw dice or get drunk and select schools on a whim.

7 teams facing disaster in Week 3 of the college football season | FOX Sports

Which college football team's seasons would be ruined with a loss on Saturday? Whose would be ruined with a bad performance? Here are 7 teams facing absolute disaster this weekend.

The NCAA yelled at Stanford because a football player got a bicycle loan -

The scandal of the century.

Baylor proactively hires law firm to hedge against NCAA-Penn State repeat -

Baylor hired a powerful law firm in the wake of the football program's ongoing sexual assault scandal, in part as a hedge against a repeat of the NCAA's controversial penalties applied to Penn State, CBS Sports has learned.

Then There’s This

Trombone Shorty Honored with Heinz Award

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews was named a recipient of a Heinz Award in the Arts & Humanities category by the Heinz Family Foundation on Wednesday, September 14. The accolade includes a $250,000 unrestricted cash award.

The Best and Worst College Campuses for Sexual Health, Ranked | Motherboard

Just in time for back to school season, some sobering data on college sex.

Congratulations, Nebraska! You’re one of the most sexually healthy schools in the nation!

You guys might want to look at the bottom 10 here. Uh, wow. Sending your kid to a rich, private school may mean you’re just okay with buying them chlamydia.


The fantastic culinary horrors of the 1970 book 'Happy Living: A Guide for Brides.' | Food & Drink | Someecards

When my mom was getting ready to marry my dad in the late 70s, she was given Happy Living! A Guidebook for Brides as a free gift when she created her wedding registry at a regional New England department store.

If you thought life was bad now... YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT!