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Corn Flakes: Let’s Play Dress Up, Time Of Possession, Media Can’t Be Trusted

Nike vs Addidas - do you really care? What about time of possession? And News.

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MAJE - Runway - Front Row at Shoppes at Parisian Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

Tom Shatel has a nice article for you this morning in the OWH about Nebraska’s use of Adidas as their preferred fashion designer. I suppose there’s a lot of you who care about this stuff. I don’t. I never have. Not much of a fashionista - haven’t worn a tie in, oh, probably over a decade now.

It’s that “does the man make the clothes” or “do the clothes make the man” issue. My attitude - if you’re a shitty financial advisor, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference in how nice you’re suit is or how starched your shit, you’re still a shitty financial advisor. Still, there are a LOT of people who get wrapped in it and truly think it matters. Most of the time they’re in sales and/or marketing. They also know their approach works.

I am amazed at the amount of time my youngest son (17) will spend making his character look right before starting a video game, so sometimes I wonder if this is mor of a thing with the younger generation, or if I’ve always been a slob and just won’t admit it.

No, I do not own an old Nebraska Starter jacket.

Time of Possession

Have you watched Oregon? Their defense is... not good. That’s being kind. You know that Oregon is going to stack the box (like everyone else will do this season - it’s a given at this point) and try to force Nebraska to throw the ball. I don’t think it will matter, honestly. I believe the Huskers can run the ball successfully, and it will be tempting for our beloved Danny Langsdorf to start wing-zinging the ball around.

The biggest question mark I see: Will Nebraska go on long, methodical, clock-sucking drives in order to limit the number of plays for the Oregon offense, or will we say “fuck it” and get into a shootout?


CBA leads university’s U.S. News & World Report ranks | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has jumped 13 spots and into the Top 50 of undergraduate business schools in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings.

$1.3M NIH grant to aid study of plants’ viral defense | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Hernan Garcia-Ruiz did not understand why the farmers could no longer grow the tomatoes and peppers and beans that had once fed their small town north of Mexico City. He was a child then, watching the farmers reluctantly abandon their favored crops for corn and wheat.

Nebraska, NASA team up to chart evidence of indigenous landscapes | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

With the help of NASA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln anthropologist Carrie Heitman and graduate student Sean Field are building a network of digital maps, or a Geographic Information System, that will plot all known Chaco cultural resources in the Southwest region, specifically where the corners of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado meet.

Poundstone, Cavett coming to the Lied | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Comedian Paula Poundstone and TV personality Dick Cavett will provide an evening of jokes, stories and commentary on current news at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 18 at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.


What makes a bestselling book? Ask Tusker | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

After reading 4,500 of the latest English-language novels, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln supercomputer named Tusker helped crack the bestseller code and explain why some books shine while others languish.

They’re writing a book about their findings. I’m buying it. I want to know when I start my romance novel series whether I imply the sex or just go ahead and write it out, all dirty like.

That stings: Study finds insecticide hurts queen bees' egg-laying abilities | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The world’s best-selling insecticide may impair the ability of a queen honey bee and her subjects to maintain a healthy colony, says new research led by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln entomologist.

Ducks' Defensive Transition Could Benefit Nebraska | Hail Varsity

The Oregon Ducks are in the early stages of a transition from a 3-4 to a 4-3 scheme under DC Brady Hoke, which could give the Nebraska offense an edge.

Oregon TE Pharaoh Brown looks ahead, not back | SunHerald

Brown scored on an 11-yard touchdown pass from new Ducks quarterback Dakota Prukop on Saturday in the second quarter of Oregon's 44-26 victory over Virginia.

Oregon Ducks’ Jalen Brown shows value behind catching passes | Oregon Ducks Football | Eugene, Oregon

Brown was a film-room star this week after sustaining an impressive downfield block to spring Royce Freeman for an 85-yard touchdown run in the Ducks’ 44-26 victory over Virginia.

Nebraska defensive coordinator gets another crack at Ducks | The Charlotte Observer

The last seven times Mark Banker faced Oregon, all losses, his Oregon State defenses gave up an average of 578 yards and 45 points a game. There's no shame in that. Oregon has piled up yards and points against lots of opponents over the years.

'Rolls Royce' Freeman keeps Oregon's offense running smoothly

Running back Royce Freeman isn't all of Oregon's offense, but you could argue that he makes all of it possible.

Big Ten

Big Ten Football: Week 3 Preview in MS Paint Infographics - Off Tackle Empire

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Three Things to Know about the Duke Blue Devils - Inside NU

Northwestern’s next opponent has had struggles of its own in 2016.

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Getting To Know Michigan’s Week 3 Opponent: Colorado - Maize n Brew

Can Colorado put up a fight against #4 Michigan?

Maryland football hasn’t turned the ball over yet in 2016 - Testudo Times

After last year’s disaster, things are looking better.

Paul Chryst’s influence showing early for Wisconsin in 2016 - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Thanks largely to their head coach, it doesn’t seem wild to envision big things for the Badgers.

B1G Bowl Game Predictions: Is your favorite team headed to Detroit for the holidays? Let's find out. - The Crimson Quarry

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Nebraska predicted to the Pin Stripe Bowl. Would you go to New York City for a football game?


Here's what to expect from the SEC West race (beyond Bama winning it) -

How does Ole Miss beat Alabama? And who’s most likely to overachieve and underachieve?

POWER RANKING the Big 12 expansion candidates by nothing but their 2016 seasons -

I'll keep this up until the conference adds teams, which could be any day now or 2021.

Mike Leach defends his players after arrests, blasts double standard | FOX Sports

Washington State coach Mike Leach has seen his players' names coming up in police reports and the ensuing media coverage and he's sick of it.

Notre Dame legend Ara Parseghian is still mad about the Michigan State tie 50 years ago | FOX Sports

"We'd fought hard to come back and tie it up," Parseghian said at the time. "After all that, I didn't want to risk giving it to them cheap. They get reckless and it could cost them the game. I wasn't going to do a jackass thing like that at this point."

College Football Bottom 25 rankings: The state of Illinois is in a bad way right now -

Through the first two weekends of the season, the Land of Lincoln's three major college football programs are a combined 1-5 with the sole victory being a 52-3 win over Murray State by the Illini.

Mark Emmert wants rules giving NCAA power to punish for sexual violence

NCAA President Mark Emmert on Thursday expressed a clear desire for the NCAA to have direct power to punish schools and athletes in connection with sexual abuse cases.

Then There's This

Science shows that drunk people don’t know how drunk they are | Ars Technica

We now have solid scientific evidence that people are completely unable to determine how soused they are when drinking with a group. A team of social scientists recently completed a study of bar and club hoppers in Cardiff, Wales and discovered that most had incredibly inaccurate notions of their drunkenness and the dangers of drinking. But the researchers also learned something non-obvious and intriguing about how people estimate their levels of inebriation.

This looks like a “duh” on the surface, but it is interesting once you dig a little deeper.

Fueled by Republicans, Americans' trust in media hits all-time low - Sep. 14, 2016

Gallup poll shows Americans' trust in the media has fallen to an all-time low.

Steve Sipple brought this up on twitter yesterday. It was interesting to see the responses. Honestly, I think media may not be trusted because they’re not trustworthy. You have a popular internet meme about Brian Williams. You have Rolling Stone doing a hoax article about rape and the Duke lacrosse team that caused a great deal of damage to people. You have magazines continually “shopping” their photos to make them more dramatic.

And I haven’t even mentioned the number of news outlets that are biased and you’ll watch them because of confirmation bias.

Media is in horrible shape. They did this to themselves.