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Nebraska Football Recruiting: Visitors For The Oregon Game

Who is coming? Who could visit? You got that here and more.

What once was a vast, gravy filled list of visitors as the Nebraska Cornhuskers hosted the Oregon Ducks has kind of lost it’s star power.

Players like Joseph Lewis, Rahyme Johnson and such have went off to other weeks in the Illinois game. That being said, there’s a few kids that Nebraska have coming in that are committed already to the Huskers, as well as a couple that are definitely on commit watch.

As always, I drop the caveat that the list could change at any given time, with players either being put on or taken off the list. Also, there’s usually a few that make the trip last minute, and I can tell you about that when the time comes.

If there’s a chance to get a commit, the first name I would look at is Alaric. Currently, he’s a Auburn verbal and has been that way since July 2015. However, it’s not a secret that he digs what Nebraska has to offer. With the thought of losing a Mikale Wilbon (possibly) to transfer, the Huskers may want to take 2 RB’s this cycle just in case. I don’t know if Alaric is as high as a Stephen Carr or Nathan Tilford on the big board for Reggie Davis, but Nebraska isn’t saying no if the verbal happens.

I know, I know, we’re almost getting away from a long line of Cotton’s in the Nebraska program. That being said, this man is also on commit watch this weekend too. Ironically, if you see his Crystal Ball choices, you’ll notice that the two eams vying for Cotton happen to be playing in this game. Nebraska does not have a cornerback verbal in this class yet, and it sounds like Brian Stewart could push for a verbal and make Trajon the first one.

I’m not sure on the interest from Ward’s part, but he’s making his second visit after being in Lincoln for the Red/White game back in April. Michigan State was kind of hot after him, but it sounds like it’s the Hokies and Huskers vying it out, with Virginia Tech probably having the lead due to numbers. I heard academics were a big worry on Ward, keeping a lot of schools away from offering. Who knows if that’s the case now, but would explain a lot.

The first big DT target of the weekend is taking his first OV of the season so far. Watts is being seen as a Oklahoma lean, however just getting him on campus is a big time win for John Parrella. He can also sell how thin Nebraska is at DT while getting into a school that does put out FBS worthy talent on a regular basis.

The other Defensive Tackle target is just as good as Watts, and has been in contact with Nebraska for a while. And, like Trajon Cotton above, two of Andrus’s biggest suitors are playing in this game. (FYI, I’m hearing that Andrus may not be visiting this week, but nothing confirmed.) Looks like that report was confirmed, Andrus is not heading to Lincoln now. (But below still is in play)

The big question with both Watts and Andrus visiting is will it make Damion Daniels move up his commitment? There could be a point where Nebraska doesn’t have room, and they really want Daniels and one of the above guys. But if both Watts and Andrus verbals? There’s no room in the cycle.

Daniels was in Lincoln last weekend, but it was a unexpected unofficial with a few other team mates. Plus, it sounds like Nebraska really likes Ben Hutch, who will be visiting Lincoln at another time. So, for the first time in a long, long time, it sounds like Nebraska has leverage in DT recruiting.

The Huskers see Hawkins as a Wide Receiver, and they really like what they have to see. Hawkins did hit a satellite camp back in June with Keith Williams, and they must have hit enough off to take his first OV to Lincoln.

Here are the guys that are already Nebraska verbals that are making their Official Visit this weekend.

There are a few unofficial visits as well, and one big one is Brendan Radley-Hiles, who plans on being in Lincoln with Tristan Gebbia and Keyshawn Johnson, Jr. Expect Masry Mapieu as well as Cam Jurgens to unofficial, as customary with most local Nebraska verbals.


That would make 9 official visitors this weekend, making the season-long total to 19 out of 56. That is a pretty good start to the season, and there’s more coming in the weeks ahead.

The Nebraska coaching staff could get 2 verbals this weekend, and there are plans to make it even better starting in October.

Remember, we’re here for all your recruiting news, and we’re free. Most people like free.

UPDATE: Sounds like another Nebraska verbal is coming to town as well.