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Cobs of the Week: Georgia, Kansas, Northwestern, Oklahoma State & Those Referees

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Oklahoma State Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Probably the most egregious candidate that we considered for this week’s Cob was Bernard Schirmer, the California junior college player that was arrested on suspicion of battery of the side judge who was trying to escort him back to the huddle.

However, since this happened at a junior college and not a division 1-A football game, we’ve decided it’s not a candidate for the Worst of the Weekend in college football. Besides, we’ve got several other candidates for suckage on the field that don’t involve serious injury, thus making them more suitable for lampooning.


The Bulldogs slept-walk throughout their game against Nicholls State, waking up briefly to come from behind to defeat the division 1-AA Colonels 26-24. A Nicholls State team that went 3-8 last season and lost 48-0 to Colorado.


One week after nearly tearing down the goal posts after beating Rhode Island, the Beakers faced off against the Ohio Bobcats...and Frank Solich’s team went all Cornhusker in the first half. How bad was it?

  • First half total yards: Ohio 359, Kansas 21
  • Halftime score: Ohio 28, Kansas 7
  • Ohio First Half First Downs 18, Kansas First Half Plays 19


The Wildcats kept 1-AA Illinois State out of the end zone, but did give up three field goals. Only problem was that Northwestern only scored once, and then let this happen as time expired to go donut-and-two on the season.

Oklahoma State

Or should I say "Ohhhhhhhhhh-klahoma State"? Leading 27-24, the Cowboys were trying to run out the clock on fourth down as the clock struck zero. As the clock hit all zeros, OSU’s Mason Rudolph heaved the ball out of bounds. Game over, right?

Well, not exactly. If he had taken a knee, all would have been fine. Instead, he got flagged for intentional grounding, with the ball being turned over on downs to Central Michigan, who got an untimed down. (More on that in a minute.) Then, this happened:

Yes, a Hail Mary combined with a hook and lateral for the game winner.

The MAC Referees and Big XII Instant Replay Crew

Calling Oklahoma State for intentional grounding probably was the right call, but that should have ended the game right there. NCAA rules do not allow for the game to be extended, but the MAC officiating crew screwed up. The Big XII’s instant replay crew had the opportunity to correct the error as well, but failed to do so. As a result, all ten have been suspended for two games for their mistake. Not that it helps Oklahoma State at this point; the loss stands.