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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Football Game Day Info You Need, Glass Animals

Your daily news feed contains info about Nebraska Game day that you need, and perhaps you’ve never heard of the Glass Animals?

University earns $11.3M NIH grant to study biomolecular communication | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has earned an $11.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to establish a research center focused on investigating cellular level miscommunications that contribute to complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes and chronic liver disease.

We discussed this internally amongst the CN staff... well, two of us did. We have a diverse group, comedians, IT people, a coach, couple scientists, and a dead Russian general.

I asked for a translation and ranchbabe delivered this:

As an IT guy, this is the same as figuring out which line of code is missing the appropriate piece of punctuation that closes the command and separates it from the next one.

Makes sense to me. You?

Prem Paul steps down as vice chancellor | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Paul, who came to the university on July 1, 2001, wrote in an Aug. 29 note to faculty and staff that he would end his tenure as one of the university's top administrators immediately.

Holman Named espnW National Player of the Week - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska junior middle blocker Briana Holman was named the espnW National Player of the Week on Wednesday.

933 passes, many headaches later: Does Fresno State now have fix on QB position? | Fresno Bee

Fresno State has had a rough go since Derek Carr moved on to the NFL. But with Chason Virgil atop a group that will get even deeper next season, the Bulldogs finally may be on the right track at quarterback.

What you need to know about Nebraska before Ohio State plays them - Land-Grant Holy Land

Nebraska can’t lose that many heartbreaking games again, right?

Nebraska Football: I Don't Just Love This Game, I need it.

In 3 short days I will be beer-in-hand in front of a television, grinning ear-to-ear. I’ve been waiting for this moment since beating UCLA 37-29 last December. But I’ve also been waiting for this moment since February 5th when I lived the worst day of my life.

I remember seeing this young woman’s tweets about losing her dog. Please read her story.

Ravens may go with all-rookie left side of offensive line | ProFootballTalk

The Baltimore Ravens didn’t exist at that point, but they may be going the all-rookie route this season. First-round pick Ronnie Stanley is definitely starting at left tackle and fourth-round pick Alex Lewis may be next to him at guard.

Hey, look at that! Alex Lewis might be starting!

That would be some pretty cool redemption right there!

Alex Erickson, Adam Jones, Rex Burkhead to begin year as Bengals’ return specialists - Cincy Jungle

With the Brandon Tate era in the rearview, the Bengals will expect Erickson and Burkhead two to step up and perform.

Rosenthal: Reflecting on 16 years at the LJS | Life in the Red |

But before I log off at the LJS, I wanted to share some memorable moments. They’re not in any order, and I’ll begin writing them really not knowing how many I’ll share, so there’s no specific number in mind, either.

Big Ten

Goodbye, Morgan Burke - Hammer and Rails

Finally, it is Morgan Burke’s last day.

Perhaps things will change for Purdue?

Ohio State safety Cam Burrows out for the season - Land-Grant Holy Land

Mike Weber is officially Ohio State’s starting running back, too.

Who will win the Big Ten and other questions answered for 2016 - Land-Grant Holy Land

Who will exceed expectations? What about disappoint?

NCAA, please just let LSU and Wisconsin players do the Lambeau Leap -

Just let us have this.

Other Stuff

EA's Peter Moore on NCAA Football: 'I know we'll be back' | Polygon

He didn't address how he thinks an NCAA Football series could return in the form that fans remember, with real-life rosters in which players are either fairly compensated or give permission for their use.

It won’t return in that form unless the current structure of NCAA football blows up. I’m not 100% sure why they can’t release a game that just randomizes numbers and names and gives us updated physics, our team’s current offense, and let’s it go at that.

Would not enough people buy it? I’m assuming that’s the thinking.

Hey, Here’s an Idea: Maybe Stop Preordering Videogames | WIRED

Lifehack: Don't put down your $60 on a hot new videogame until you know if it's any good or not.

Gamers are really really really pissed off about No Man’s Sky. Really, really pissed off.


Memorial Stadium policies announced for 2016 | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

As the season opener versus Fresno State nears, Cornhusker football fans are reminded to arrive early and plan ahead.

University Bookstore to open new game day shop | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The University Bookstore is upgrading its satellite location for Husker football game days, transitioning from a tent near Memorial Stadium to the old Nebraska Bookstore building.

The Cornhusker Marching Band’s Route Has Changed

Then There’s This: Glass Animals

This is the video for a song called “Life Ifself” from a band called Glass Animals. The song is the first from the new album “How To Be A Human Being”.

That tall, lanky, blonde (kinda creepy) dude in the video is Pat Janssen, from our very own podcast Big Red Cobcast!

“How to Be a Human Being” is concept album in which each song is represented by a different character, and Janssen’s character was the face of “Life Itself”, which is a pretty funky cool song.

Apparently Pat’s character is named “Chuck Rogers”, and Chuck Rogers designed a web site where you can find cool things. Be sure to examine the great inventions!

(If you truly want to know more, here.)