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Big Red Cobcast: It's...Almost...Here...

I'm talking about Husker Football season.

It's August - Which means a couple of things: All those pesky hooligans are getting off my lawn and going back to school, my face is melting and IT'S ALMOST FOOTBALL SEASON.

I can hear shoulder pads popping in the distance, the whizzing of pigskin hurdling through the air, runzas sizzling in the oven, the friendly whisper of Mike Riley telling me it's gonna be okay, the complete waste of helium, all the insiders saying, "I know a guy",  the absolute silence of Shawn Eichorst.

It makes me feel whole again.

I live for this time of year. It gives me a reason to call my family; my friendships get briefly renewed for a few short months. I love football season, probably too much. It's like that girlfriend that was out of my league, that made me happier than she should of for a far shorter time than I would have liked. Then, right after Christmas, she vanished and no matter how horrible she was, I still miss her. That's my Cornhuskers. That's the team, I will always love - that I will always look forward to the ups and downs that they will inevitably bring me.

Just a few short weeks guys.

I love you.

In this week's episode of the Cobcast we talk about Fall Camp, the Olympics and (In Borat's voice) what makes us exciiite.

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