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Corn Flakes: The Olympics, BYU Punter Jonny Linehan, Where is Nebraska’s Pass Rush?

The Rio Olympics start tonight, BYU Punter Jonny Linehan dedicates a video parody to Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler, and we wonder - where is Nebraska’s pass rush?

Rio 2016 Torch Relay - Christ the Redeemer Photo by Raphael Dias/Getty Images

BYU football punter Jonny Linehan’s country music video is an all-time great - Vanquish The Foe

Puntin’, Kickin’ and Lovin’ Everyday. That’s the BYU football way in punter Jonny Linehan’s country music video.

Jonny said this about the video:

At the end, I share a highlight of Sam and Mike punting and say a little tribute to them. I think you'll really enjoy this, and I wish Sam and Mike could have been a part of it.

Big Ten Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2016

“They’ve got some different pieces going in there in the front seven, but you’ve got to have a guy who can get off the edge and pressure the quarterback. I don’t know who that’s going to be.”

I don’t either. Neither does anybody else. Before we get all homerific with our picks this season and all glassy-eyed from reading glowing reports coming out of fall camp, remember this about our defense.

Rio Olympics

The Olympics opening ceremony is tonight. It should be interesting. We’ve heard nothing but bad things about Rio; everything from raw sewage-infested waters to the Zika virus (despite the fact that you’re probably more likely to get infected with Zika in Miami than in Rio).

Why City of God’s Director Took On Tonight’s Opening Ceremony

Will Brazil put on an extravagant opening ceremony? I hope not. I don’t think that’s what Brazil needs, and it’s okay to dial it back a notch. Spending millions on an opening ceremony is rather ridiculous given the circumstances. You could argue that it’s ridiculous even for the United States to do that.

Rio Olympics 2016 Coverage

Your essential home for sports and beyond in Rio

Nine sports and nine athletes to appreciate in Rio

These are the Olympics storylines people will be talking about.

Canadian Olympian flips off his dad before every race | FOX Sports

Canadian Olympic swimmer Santo Condorelli also makes like a bird before every race. But instead of flapping like a bird, he flips one. At his father. And Condorelli's father, Joseph, flips off his son right back.

IOC approves 271 Russian athletes for Rio Games after doping scandal | FOX Sports

The IOC approved the entry of 271 Russian athletes for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics on Thursday, meaning 70 percent of the country's original team will compete after a doping scandal that has dominated the buildup to the games.

It wouldn’t be the Olympics without those sneaky commie bastards up to no good, would it?

Georgia Fans Can't Understand Why the Country of Uganda Gets a UGA Hashtag | 12up

​The Olympics are upon us everyone, and that means that Twitter is making a bunch of hashtags so that people can get creative Tweeting for their favorite...

It’s not just us. Funny thing is, how much tweeting does Uganda get?

College Stuff

OTL Reports: Rami Hammad was Previously Accused of Sexual Assault - Our Daily Bears

After his arrest for felony stalking on Monday, Outside the Lines is now reporting Rami Hammad was accused in the middle of the 2015 football season of sexually assaulting a previous girlfriend.

Jim Grobe took this job knowing full well he could just make another million or so a year all while saying “plausible deniability” to himself over and over and over and over and over and over.

More Baylor Title IX Assault Issues Coming To Light - Barking Carnival

The article linked above is a longer version of this embedded tweet, which is incredibly sad.

Would you let your daughter go to Baylor? If you’re a fucking idiot, yes, you would.

Jovon Robinson: 'Everything about the Auburn coaching staff is not what it seems'

“Everything about (the) Auburn coaching staff is not what it seems,” Robinson wrote. “Just because I don’t walk around with (a) fake smile, they feel like they (can) say or try to force anything. “I was stereotyped and disrespected. The football players are not happy with this.”

Falcons rookie accused of multiple rapes in college, waived immediately

Torrey Green was an undrafted rookie free agent trying to make it as a linebacker with the Falcons, but ugly details about alleged sexual assaults at Utah State have put that journey to an end real quick.

Kevin Wilson would pay Indiana's football players closer to their value, if you'd let him - The Crimson Quarry

In a VICE Sports piece, the Indiana coach rightfully mocks the 'amateur' monicker and pokes holes in the artificial, arbitrary limits on player pay based on the Cost of Attendance protocol.

Here are the things Northwestern football will do this season that you’ll hate - Inside NU

Get ready to yell at your TV!

Purdue Football Camp Starts Today - Hammer and Rails

And so begins the Darrell Hazell Redemption Tour

North Dakota State has built football power with five straight national championships

After producing Carson Wentz, the No. 2 pick in 2016 NFL Draft, North Dakota State has gained national attention as football power.

BRING ‘EM OUT: Meet The New Guys - Black Heart Gold Pants

The new managing editors at Black Heart Gold Pants would like to say hello.

Iowa Hires the Property Brothers for Kinnick Renovation, Costs Soar | Go Iowa Awesome

The Iowa Athletic Department hired famous brothers to help with the Kinnick North End Zone renovations. What they found wasn't pretty.

USF Passes Note to Big XII, OMG Will They Check Yes or No?? - The Daily Stampede

USF President Dr. Judy Genshaft, Athletic Director Mark Harlan, and Board of Trustees Chair Brian Lamb totally passed a note in homeroom to the dreamy Big XII Conference that sits on the other side... Seems about right.

College football's oldest sellout streak, dating back to JFK, is now in peril -

The definition of what it means to be a Nebraska fans is slowly, inevitably changing. Financial, social and inevitable events have forced Huskers everywhere to consider the unthinkable. The streak of streaks is in danger of ending.

Dennis Dodds didn’t get the memo that the sellout streak stories were supposed to be in June. It’s okay. There’s still time before the season kicks off.


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