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Corn Flakes: Fall Camp, University News, Brenda Tracy

We have news.

Plant Cells, apparently.

They’re starting fall practice today!

You know what that means?



UNL leaders to ‘Blanket Nebraska’ | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The tour will provide university leaders an opportunity to talk about UNL among stakeholders throughout Nebraska.

I am not really familiar with another university that’s done this. I think it’s a damned good idea, and it shows what a relationship that the University of Nebraska has with its citizens.

This is a very good thing. In a climate in which we don’t trust anyone, especially anyone who looks and acts like a politician, it’s good to get out amongst the people and show them who you are.

Maybe, just maybe, people will take away from this that there’s an actual university attached to the football team. Maybe?

Plants’ surprising guard against freezing: acid | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The researchers found that the acidity of cells in the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana increased dramatically when exposed to freezing temperatures. This rise in acidity appears to trigger a protein named Sensitive to Freezing 2, or SFR2, which previous research has shown helps buffer against the cellular breakdown that otherwise accompanies freezing.

It's just like the Vulcan secondary eyelid or Zaphod Beeblebrox' Super Chromatic Peril Sensitive sunglasses!!!!

Well, maybe more the former than the latter.

Zhu to lead creation of concrete monitoring system | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

UNL's Jinying Zhu and colleagues have earned a U.S. Department of Energy grant to develop an online system that can assess the integrity of nuclear power plants and other concrete structures.

This is good, right?

How ‘bout bridges? Can we monitor bridges?

This Super Fan Attended 345 Sold-Out Husker Games - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Let the record show that Kauffman, who was in the same Bible study group with Nebraska Hall of Fame Coach Tom Osborne for three decades, was also a close friend of Dennis Claridge, who served as an usher at Tuesday’s service.

Lovie Smith, Illinois Football looking to answer questions during preseason training camp - The Champaign Room

The Illini are gearing up for their first Fall practice under Lovie Smith.

Gopher Football: Fact-Based Reasons for Optimism - The Daily Gopher

There is hard statistical evidence that suggestions that the starry-eyed optimists may not be out of their minds about the upcoming Gopher football season.

What Purdue Needs To Do To Win Each Game in 2016 - Hammer and Rails

Yes, that title is correct.

Read the bit about Nebraska and weep.

There’s an Easter Egg in Michigan’s New Uniforms - Maize n Brew

Special "4" is a nod to Gerald Ford.

They realize this is the same Gerald Ford that was constantly parodied by Chevy Chase falling down all the time...? No?

Mark Dantonio Hung Up On Some Fools Today and He Should Have Done It Sooner - The Only Colors

Fox Daybreak Hosts pushed Coach Dantonio to the limit with the worst questions ever.

These are the dumbest questions ever. You read this, look at these questions and you realize that DISRESPEKT is a real thing for MSU.

Jovon Robinson Dismissed From Auburn Football Team - College and Magnolia

Keep Calm and Kerryon?

Expected to be one of the top running backs in the nation.

North Carolina's tough D in infractions case another hint NCAA penalties may be soft

We think we got the gist of it, though. At the core, what North Carolina is saying to the NCAA can be condensed to two statements: 1. Yes, we screwed up pretty good. 2. But mostly, it’s none of your business.


Family matters: It's time Big 12 members recognize they need each other

The Big 12 plays out perpetually like one of those family Thanksgiving movies, where everyone — including at least one guitar-toting dropout — complains how Sis gets treated better by Mom, and the arguments get louder and more visceral until everyone in the room realizes they love and need each other.

Really what’s important here is that the Big 12 stay together mostly because we don’t need them splintering apart and screwing up other conferences with their dysfunctions.

It’s kind of like saying that maybe some families are best staying inbred. You can debate this in the comments section.

ESPN and Fox are digging in against Big 12 expansion

The Big 12 is planning on expanding, but ESPN and Fox don't want to pay for any of the new candidates.

I pointed this out in Flakes, what, about a week ago, but the Big 12 is a really screwed up conference. Of course, we knew this, but it’s hard to believe that people who run major universities thought this was going to be so easy and that the networks would just accept their expansion ideas.

Okay, none of this is shocking. WTF am I even talking about?

Baylor football player arrested on stalking charge - Higher Education

Baylor University offensive lineman Rami Hammad was arrested Monday on a felony stalking charge. A Baylor professor called 911 and reported Hammad had waited for his ex-girlfriend before the professor’s class the woman was starting July 7, then continued to attempt to contact her, according to an affidavit for Hammad’s arrest.

When you’re a professor at a university, and a young woman comes to you saying she feels threatened by a football player AND YOUR FIRST RESPONSE IS TO CALL THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT.

Delivered to the NCAA who promptly took them and put them in that warehouse that we saw at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark along with the Ark of the Covenant, where they’ll never be seen nor bother anyone again.

Things will be said to placate the masses and everything will continue as it has before because there are shitloads of moneys at stake.

Good job, NCAA!


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Heartland Cancer Foundation - THIS ENDS TODAY!!!!

The Heartland Cancer Foundation in Lincoln is raffling off season tickets (club seats and a parking pass) in the west stadium for the 2016 football season. This would include tickets for all home games. The drawing will be held at anupcoming golf event on Aug 4th.

You need not be present to win. Raffle tickets are $100 each. But hurry! Only 1,000 tickets are available for purchase. Go to the linked web site above to purchase a raffle ticket.