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Two Five-Star Prospects Highlight Nebraska’s Visitors For The Fresno State Game

So many stars! STARS!!

Peoples-Jones at the Opening Finals
Peoples-Jones at the Opening Finals
Student Sports

Well, if the weekend couldn’t get any better, the Nebraska Cornhuskers got one of the best Wideouts in America this cycle to confirm he’s visiting this weekend.

It doesn’t get bigger than Donovan Peoples-Jones, the Cass Tech WR out of Michigan visiting. His teammate Jaylen Kelly-Powell was here for Friday Night Lights, and must have liked what he saw if he got DPJ to visit.

Of course, DPJ is not the only 5-star player coming this weekend. Don’t be looking down on Foster Sarell, who is in a big time need for Nebraska at OL.

Sarell is literally the second best player in the 2017 recruiting cycle, nevermind best OL. You have to think Mike Cavanaugh at least has a punchers chance to get a Washington kid to think Lincoln.

Who else is coming to Lincoln this weekend? Well, the list is an incredible one.

The Other Official Visitors:

Tristan Gebbia - Nebraska verbal

Keyshawn Johnson Jr. - Nebraska verbal

Avery Roberts - Nebraska verbal

CB Jaylon Redd - Oregon verbal

WR Thomas Graham - UCLA lean

S Jaylen Kelly-Powell

DT Damion Daniels - reported to be between Nebraska & Iowa

CB Gentry Bonds - Georgia Tech verbal Scratch Gentry, was just told he's not making it.

WR Jamire Calvin - still up on Nebraska’s WR big board

Unofficial Visitors:

TE Austin Allen - Neb verbal

‘18 TE Cam Jurgens - Neb verbal


  • That list above on OV’s alone has a total of 43 stars. That’s (without looking it up) one of the better weekends Nebraska has had in a while.
  • This weekend also has 11 OV’s listed here, which is literally almost 20% of Nebraska’s allotment of 56 Officials allowed this weekend. What a crazy concept, to get some of your best targets in town on a long weekend.

One name you’re not going to see up there I think is Darnay Holmes, the Calabasas Safety. Word on the street is that Darnay needs to clear up some issues academically before he can give anyone a OV.

Who would be the ones looking to verbal this weekend: Well, one has to think that Jamire Calvin really likes what he’s seeing in Lincoln. It’s the Huskers and Notre Dame on that front. I do think that Daniels could be one of the first verbals in this group. Today is his birthday, and the staff made a point of wishing him well.

It’s going to be a great weekend for Nebraska, and we’ll all be here to cover anything that happens.