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Nebraska Football: 13 Players Awarded Blackshirts Tuesday

One of the biggest traditions in Nebraska Athletics comes down Tuesday


They awarded Blackshirts before today’s practice.

13 defensive players received the coveted award:

Defensive Linemen

  • Defensive end Ross Dzuris
  • Defensive end Freedom Akinmoladun
  • Defensive tackle Mick Stoltenberg
  • Defensive tackle Kevin Maurice


  • Linebacker Chris Weber
  • Linebacker Dedrick Young
  • Linebacker Marcus Newby
  • Linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey
  • Linebacker Josh Banderas

Defensive Secondary

  • Safety Nathan Gerry
  • Safety Aaron Williams
  • Cornerback Chris Jones
  • Cornerback Joshua Kalu

Nate Gerry sent out this.... to show a slick-looking practice uniform:

Nice short video on their reception. I can only image what it would feel like to finally get to this point in your career, especially for Mick Stoltenberg, who will be starting for the first time this season, and for those will be now be regular starters.

Earned. Never Given.

It will soon be time to find out whether or not that’s true. I’m sure we all hope that the 2016 Nebraska defense is a vastly improved version from 2015.