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Big Red Cobcast: It's Finally Game Week!

There are no more Cobcasts between now and kickoff.

No more proclamations of Joe Canale's chemically-induced state of mind. No more made-up words by Tweedy. No more of me being called a giant nerd. This is the final podcast before the 2016 Husker football season gets under way. So listen to it. Soak it all in. Because starting next week, the emotions will begin to get real around here.

Starting next week, we'll be recording at the Californians for Nebraska watch site in Hollywood. So if you enjoy calm, relaxed podcasts in which we make fun of each other's Fairbury franks, you'd better listen to this one now. Because come Saturday, there's no going back.

The highs of winning championships. The lows of beating Iowa by only four touchdowns. All of those will be on display for everyone to see. Ladies and gentlemen, it's football season!

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