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Corn Flakes: Derrion Grim And Expectations, Is Nebraska Blue Blood?

Gallery: Practice! David McGee


Cal travels to Australia to take on Hawaii at 9 pm on ESPN. Yes we will have a thread for that and our #1 Volleyball team taking on Florida.

Grim leaves Nebraska: Never felt 'like home' - Sports - - Stockton, CA

Derrion Grim never felt comfortable with Nebraska football: from his arrival for spring practice up to the precipice of the regular season. For the former McNair football wide receiver, it wasn’t about adjusting to a Midwestern city after growing up in Stockton. Grim just didn’t fit in with Nebraska football, mostly because of its offense, he said.

Grim was disappointed that Nebraska wasn’t moving to a four wide receiver set, which they might do, eventually, after Riley’s starting quarterback is a more accurate passer than Tommy Armstrong. At least that’s my take on it. That requires some speculation as to what Grim was thinking.

You would hope that Grim would have had the patience to wait a year before deciding to leave just to see what Riley is going to do in the longer term, but that’s not what happened.

McKewon: After crunching the numbers, Iowa tops Huskers in the Big Ten West | Football |

The Big Ten West has an overwhelming favorite this season: Iowa. The Hawkeyes have earned the right after finishing 12-2 last season and winning games at Nebraska, Wisconsin and Northwestern. They’ve earned it by returning the division’s most consistent quarterback and enough good pieces on defense.

I’d pick them too, and I’ll tell you why next week.

Fresno State football: Chason Virgil named starter; team captain - Mountain West Connection

Fresno State announced its starting quarterback will be redshirt freshman Chason Virgil, head coach Tim DeRuyter announced Thursday night. DeRuyter jokingly dragged out the announcement with the crew from ESPN 940, which included former Bulldogs head coach Pat Hill.

Maryland football beating Nebraska isn’t impossible, but don’t bank on it - Testudo Times

A look ahead at Maryland’s second-to-last regular season opponent.

Why are Cal and Hawaii opening the college football season in Australia? -

California took a 14-hour flight just to get to its season opener. So why the trip Down Under?

Minnesota Football: Gophers First Opponent, Oregon State in the News - The Daily Gopher

So the Beavers are coming to town next week and I wanted to give you little bit of news as to what is going on in Corvallis, Oregon as they prepare to take on our Gophers.

This is next Thursday night, so plan accordingly!

Purdue Football: Depth Chart? - Hammer and Rails

The season is soon upon us, and I for one, am excited. There are a few things that need to be cleared up before we can properly football again this fall, and one of those things is the depth chart....

Five reasons to be pessimistic about Northwestern football - Inside NU

Why be optimistic when being negative is just so much fun?

The most honestest opening ever.

Best B1G Brewery Challenge: Second Chance Voting - Off Tackle Empire

Seven breweries. One line in the Sudsy Sixteen. Only YOU can decide.

Nebraska’s Zipline Brewing will be up against Minnesota’s Surly next. That will be a tough battle.... maybe. Surly is pretty well known.

2016 MSU Football Position Preview: Defensive Line - The Only Colors

Malik McDowell headlines a revamped group of pass rushers with some big cleats to fill

What Can Paul White Do For Nebraska Basketball if He Joins? - BT Powerhouse

Could Paul White be the missing piece for Tim Miles and Nebraska?

Every Power 5 college football team summed up in 7 words or less | FOX Sports

Here's what every coach would actually say if he were telling the truth

Tell you what, they pegged Mike Riley right here.

Hey, new College Football Playoff rankings will come out during the middle of Election Night -

Prepare for the hollering-est night in the history of the internet.

Could be the best time for the world to end.

Alabama Crimson Tide, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners, USC Trojans lead the list of college football blue bloods

It's a fun but complicated question: Who are college football's blue-blood programs? Our writers ranked all 128 and pinpointed the eight schools that the sport wouldn't be the same without.

This would be a fun article were it June.*

It’s not June. It’s just about football season.

It’s nice that ESPN would consider Nebraska a blue blood program. I guess that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, its’ completely irrelevant to where we are right now.

I’ll use a line we should all recognize from Husker history/lore:

“It’s not where I’ve been, fat boy, it’s where I’m going.”

It’s supposedly what Tommie Frazier said to Warren Sapp when he came into the 1995 Orange Bowl, a game which Nebraska came back and won, 24-17, to win a national title.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the past. All those glory stories, even those from high school (if you had them).

Today is the start of the 2016 football season. Today is looking forward. Nebraska’s past only matters to those who are going to dwell in it.

Today, Mike Riley gets to start answering that question - “Where Are We Going?”.

*I reserve the right to still do a couple articles that should have been done in June. I am slow.

Then There’s This: