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Nebraska Announces Their 2016 Alternate Uniform To Be Worn Vs. Northwestern



If you’re not a fan of the all-white road uniform the Nebraska Cornhuskers wear on the road sometimes, this may upset you. But, oh man.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers will wear their alternate uniform on September 24th this season in their game versus the Northwestern Wildcats.

The Huskers are taking the alts on the road for the first time with their alt theme. And, honestly, I think these could be the cleanest looking ones of the bunch that they have ever done.

There’s nothing gimmicky about this. It plays with the regular uniform, save the stripes and lettering color on the uniform. The only real thing I see missing from the helmet is the center stripe, and that’s probably not the first thing you think of.

What are your thoughts on this one? I think this may be the most popular yet, but then again the bar has been pretty low in some people’s eyes.

UPDATE: The team seems to like them!