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Corn Flakes: Why Nebraska Will Win More, College Football Preview

The biggest reason Nebraska will win more games in 2016 is because everyone is going in the same direction. SBN releases their massive college football preview

CFP National Championship - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I love this time of year.

I hate this time of year.

I love it, because fall camp is a sign that REAL FOOTBALL is not to far away. I hate it because it’s so filled with bullshit accompanying an undefeated team that it is impalpable.

This guy’s going to provide the pass rush, that guy is going to come out of nowhere to make a splash, it goes on because you want to know about each and every new player coming in.

Nice articles, every one of them, but those new guys and rising stars are not the reason we’re going to win more games in 2016.

The reasons we’re going to win A LOT MORE GAMES is because this is a team together! They’re all behind each other and behind the coach!

Mike Riley, Nebraska ready to escape their 2015 nightmare; Punt, Pass & Pork

"Losing to Purdue on the road was absolutely the bottom," Banker said. "When you look back, it was the best thing that could have happened. There was nowhere to go but up. We had everybody's attention." And with the players watching, what did the coaches do?

Excellent story by Andy Staples on what happened to Nebraska last season and why it cannot happen again.

"We got in a huge team fight," Rose-Ivy said. "It felt like everything in the whole season was in there for a good three or four minutes. The funny thing is, coach Riley usually tries to break up fights. He just let it go. It was kind of one of those big relief things. Everybody got everything off their chests."


If that isn’t the sound of a team coming together I don’t know what it is.

If you have a team that isn’t moving together, you get losses to Purdue and Illinois. If you have a team moving in the same direction, you get 10 win seasons, winning your division and a shot at a championship.

Yes, it is as simple as that. Getting everyone moving in the same direction isn’t simple, but the concept is!

The best 2016 college football preview magazine is here online for free

SB Nation's 2016 College Football Preview Magazine. Power rankings, huge team previews, original stories, and lots of fun stuff!

Did you see this???????

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section.

Bill C power ranks the entire country | The best 2016 college football preview magazine is here online for free

Power ranking all 128 FBS teams for 2016, from Alabama to Eastern Michigan

Nebraska is at #30, one ahead of Wisconsin and eight ahead of Iowa.

Ohio State had a BOOMing Monday - Land-Grant Holy Land

All aboard the 5-star train to Columbus, Ohio

Northwestern instituting new “clear bag” policy for Ryan Field in 2016 - Inside NU

Here’s the nitty-gritty

Lots of schools and stadiums are doing this. I’m surprised Nebraska has not yet.

How Notre Dame’s Secondary Shakes Up After Redfield’s Dismissal - One Foot Down

Two days after being arrested for possession of marijuana and an unlicensed handgun senior safety Max Redfield has officially been dismissed by Brian Kelly from the Notre Dame football program.

Last Look At The Rio Olympics

Rio Olympic Games 2016: Rating NBC's complete coverage |

Of course, most also air the Olympics live in all time zones of their country. But NBC is not a public broadcaster and as a for-profit business with shareholder demands, they have financial responsibilities much different than many other broadcasters. To their credit, they have never claimed otherwise.

After Rio risk, Olympic officials can learn lessons

Taking the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro was always considered a bit of a risk. Now that South America's first games are drawing to a close, the question is: Did the gamble pay off? The answer, according to experienced Olympic officials and experts, is a mixed bag.

NBC’s $12 Billion Olympics Bet Stumbles, Thanks to Millennials - Bloomberg

“We wake up someday and the ratings are down 20 percent,” the chief executive officer of NBCUniversal said at a conference. “If that happens, my prediction would be that millennials had been in a Facebook bubble or a Snapchat bubble and the Olympics have come, and they didn’t know it.”

Usain Bolt looks like he could be pretty great at javelin with a little practice -

Tokyo 2020, you know you want to.

Rio 2016: Jordan Burroughs experiences the cruel side of the Olympic Dream | Politi |

Jordan Burroughs is sobbing, the tears mixing with the sweat that is still running down his face. He has just lost for the second time in one day, an unthinkable result for a wrestler who had only lost twice in his previous 133 matches. He had gone from as sure a bet as Team USA had to win a gold medal here to its most unexpected, heartbreaking failure.