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Nebraska Football Practice Report 8/20: Three Scholarships Awarded, Pierson-El Up To Speed, Bad Day Offensively

The Huskers had their final scrimmage of 2016 fall camp

Gallery: Practice!

The Nebraska Cornhuskers had a scrimmage practice of just under 2 hours inside Memorial Stadium this afternoon.

The awarding of 3 scholarships were the first thing to note:

Some good injury news today.

The more comfortable DeMornay becomes, the better this offense will be, plus we will have punt return yardage again. And no one will be upset with that thought plan at all.

Did we have good or bad Tommy Armstrong Jr. today?

The answer is... we got both. And this is where this tweet may come into play.

With Jordan Westerkamp sitting with groin issues and the way that Tommy has YOLO BOMBED the deep ball, it only makes sense that Nebraska ball controls more and more to keep Armstrong from losing the game.

That all being said, there’s something to be said that when Tommy is cold and not making those throws well, it won’t matter what type of throw he has because he’s just off period.

As far as some redshirting, we got some answers that were kind of surprising.

I would completely get Grimm, as he has been on campus since January. Spielman, however, must mean that his knee is fully good to go. That would be a pleasant surprise, but where do they fit in to get enough snaps to play?

If those guys can contribute consistently on special teams, I’m down for it. If it’s just for a few snaps a game, then I don’t know. Jackson and Butler will be needed, I dunno about JoJo though.

I don’t think punter needs to be a solid piece right now. You can find out who is going to work into the season, at least in my mind.

It seems that Nebraska is scrambling a little bit on that left guard spot. There is some youth there to put in with Boe Wilson & Jalin Barnett there to try out. It’s a situation where Nebraska is just going to have to find out what kind of talent they have and plug it in. If it’s a combo of both Wilson and Barnett, so be it.

The Huskers will take Sunday and Monday off before picking up things on Tuesday afternoon. With ice cream to finish it all off, Nebraska will relish the mini break.