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Nebraska Practice Report: Jerald Foster Out For The Season, Riley Confirms AJ Bush Transfer

A news drop on Friday of the biggest bunch huh?

Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Well, it wouldn’t be just the Williams suspension news making waves today, would it?

What’s that Morton Salt commercial? When it rains it pours? Well, there you go.

I suppose that they could move Utter back, but with all the camp being spent with Utter at Center, that’s a last case scenario.

Mike Riley did confirm that AJ Bush is splitting to Iowa Western Community College.

I wondered on twitter yesterday that 1) why would Bush wait so long into Fall camp to make this decision, and 2) would Bush have a immediate landing spot given that most schools were starting classes really soon.

I stated a long time ago that Jackson will see the field for Nebraska in his true Freshman year. So, this should come as no surprised. I do think he’ll be starting at Corner sometime this season as well.

The Huskers will practice at Noon tomorrow, and Mike Riley will have availability afterwards as well. Nebraska will take both Sunday and Monday off, the latter due to the first day of classes at UNL.