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Nebraska WR Coach Keith Williams Speaks To The Media

The Huskers WR coach speaks after a week of wonder about his job status

Nebraska football head coach Mike Riley David McGee

Nebraska Cornhuskers Wide Receivers coach Keith Williams made his first public remarks on Friday morning, just short of a week after his DUI arrest.

Williams did not take questions from reporters after practice Friday, which was a morning workout. The no questions part was announced well before Williams was seated in front of the media.

Williams read a prepared statement:

Hello, I am disappointed in myself, and I am angry in my own poor decision. I am embarrassed and I am ashamed. But most of all, I am sorry. Sorry that my actions have brought harm to my family, to this University with whom I have fallen in love with, to the young men on our football team that I may have let down. To Coach Riley, who has always believed in me. To Shawn Eichorst, Chancellor Greene, and President Bounds, who will not allow poor decision to go without consequence.

And to the Husker family of fans, around the state and around the world, for this is your University & you must be proud of our actions. In the coming days, weeks & months, I will try to work back the trust that I have understandably lost from many in our community, I will work hard to strengthen my life, and I will do all I can to educate the young & old on the dangers of making poor decisions.

I make no excuses, I accept the consequences. I want to thank those that have supported me in a very difficult week, and I will repay you by representing Nebraska with the utmost of integrity. Although it will be hard to not be around the team and my colleagues who I do love, I know they will be working hard every day to get better, just as I must do the same. Appreciate it.

Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst & Head Coach Mike Riley took the stage after Williams departed.

After the statement, Riley took questions: