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Big Red Cobcast: Nothing To See Here

Too bad nothing big happened this week. I wish we had something to talk about.

Man, What a boring week in Husker talk.

It's, like, man I wish I had something to have a #HotTake on. That's the thing about Nebraska. Nobody ever makes mistakes so we never get to talk about stuff.

PSYCHE!!! Just kidding!

Who saw this one coming? It's almost as surprising as the Mike Riley hire. Boy Howdy. Not a good look, Bob. I will go on the record saying I don't think he should be fired. As bad as DUI's are, like snowflakes, they are each very unique. If we take out the what if scenarios and worst case scenarios and the run the daggum ball scenarios, we can look at this for what it is.

A human mistake. In most cases, there are worse things he could have done. A real man makes mistakes and then fixes them.

Now I know what you're gonna say, "But Tweedy, it was his 3rd one. He's a buffoon, full of buffoonery and you just like him cuz he's a coach, and you're an idiot, I hate you."

To that i say, fair points. But life is weird and let's see how he behaves.  He'll have a target on his back. Buffoons can't not be buffoons. I don't know.

Feel free to yell at me in the comments.

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