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Nebraska Football: Scrimmage Report - Tanner Lee Gets Another Year, Tre Byrant Will Save Us!

The football team scrimmaged today in Memorial Stadium.

Nebraska scrimmaged today in Memorial Stadium. Things happened again. These are some of them.

Quarterback Tanner Lee, the transfer from Tulane, has been granted another year of eligibility. He can’t play this season, but, well, you never have enough experienced quarterbacks if you want to be good. Just ask Ohio State, those sunsabitches that hoard them all and win championships because of it.

I am excited about this. It gives us a crossover or layover in case Patrick O’Brien doesn’t work out.


I’m only slightly sarcastic, because, well, hell, maybe he will. Right now you have Terrell Newby, Devine Ozigbo, and Mikale Wilbon. Does Bryant add more to that?

It’s not like Riley can’t pull Bryant’s redshirt after a game or two if the top three aren’t getting the job done - especially when you consider our opponents. If we can’t run the ball successfully against Fresno State and Wyoming, it’s not going to be great when we get to Oregon or Big Ten opponents.

Therefore, Tre Byrant!

Simmons is a freshman linebacker out of Fort Pierce, Florida.

This sucks.

Just mention all the eligible offensive linemen. All of them.

I just want to see four of our five starting offensive linemen move their feet well at the start of the season. I want to see guards that can pull and consistently make their blocks. Until then, all this stuff about this guy or that guy on the line is just buzzing in the ear.

WR prospect Joseph Lewis visited today. He is a five star prospect.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to “Stranger Things”.