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Nebraska Makes Delicious Beer: A Review

Herbie, Huskers, Hops

Well, I’ve reached the end of another summer, which means school starts Monday for me, Wednesday for my students. On top of that, we’ve had a week of conditioning for my volleyball players and practice begins Monday.

Nebraska makes delicious beer. This is not only the title of the series, but a nearly inalienable truth. In writing this series, I’ve gotten to sample some delicious, widely available beer, and some unique, memorable small batch brews. Nebraska brewers are really creating a wide variety of flavors.

New things are coming all the time from the breweries we’ve covered, and the best way to keep up with their news is to follow them on social media.

  • Brickway is offering a mixed 12-pack with four of their beers in the pack.
  • Zipline’s distribution has expanded beyond the state, including Kansas City.
  • The Nebraska Pep Band that was once called the Grandma’s Pep Band will now be the Robber’s Cave Pep Band, performing Friday night before home games at Blue Blood Brewing.

Goodness knows there’s more than that. Visit your favorite brewery’s website for updates and news.

There are new breweries coming before next summer. White Elm and Backswing are opening in Lincoln and there are STILL breweries in Omaha we haven’t been able to cover.

Find me on Twitter or Instagram. Once we’re connected, I want to see what you’re drinking. Did you try something new based on our recommendation? Tweet me with your locations or tag me in your Instagram posts so I can come have one with you and enjoy what you’re drinking.

Finally, look for Salt Creek (our resident home brewer) and I to collaborate on a piece talking about the art and science of brewing, including deeper explanation of the beer snobby stuff I have written.

Finally, I will be checking comments to get a roster of breweries to check out next summer. Spilker, Upstream, and Farnam House are already high on the list.

Thanks again, enjoy your new favorites responsibly, and GBR!