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Corn Flakes: Superstitions, Quarterback Accuracy And Why Lack of FCS Scheduling May Destroy Football

The LJS wants your “family oriented” superstitions, Mike Leach talks about quarterback accuracy (why we’re doomed) and why the lack of FCS scheduling might destroy the game of football over the long term. There’s plenty of news.

Gallery Photo: David McGee

OK, fans, what are your Husker superstitions? | Football |

Athletes have superstitions. So do fans. We want to know about some unique fan superstitions in Husker Nation.

Hey, the Lincoln Journal Star wants to know about your superstitions. You know damned well they’re only going to print the ones that are “family-oriented” and involve kitties and puppies.

CN would like to hear about your real pre-game superstitious rituals.

Dedrick Young stressing details to make more noise this fall | Life in the Red |

Dedrick Young really isn't that quiet.

Nebraska Cornhuskers recruiting and building a contender

But with Mike Riley there's hope again. He replaced another nine-win coach that was fired and heads into his second year at Nebraska this fall with a program that could be close to turning that long ago but still very familiar corner. The roster looks close to making a run in competing for a Big Ten West crown and ultimately a College Football Playoff spot.

That's all more than likely a year away but I can see the development.

This is really optimistic.

A year away? Maybe two at the least.

Zaire Anderson scores for Denver Broncos

Big Ten

Here's who voted Ohio State No. 1 in the AP Top 25 - Land-Grant Holy Land

At least one voter thinks Ohio State is winning it all

14 College Coaches give thoughts on Jim Harbaugh: Malzahn, Meyer, Fisher, and more sound off - Maize n Brew

ESPN put out a video with college coaches giving a short response about Jim Harbaugh. We take a look at their comments

Jim McElwain Is Totally Over It | mgoblog

ESPN asked a number of coaches to give their quick takes on Jim Harbaugh. Diplomatic terms such as interesting, amusing character, eccentric, and, uh, interesting again are put forth.

Wisconsin football: Sojourn Shelton impresses during Wednesday’s practice - Bucky's 5th Quarter

A recap of the first three days of camp.

Three-star linebacker Micah Awodiran commits to Yale over Illinois, Duke, and Vanderbilt - The Champaign Room

Awodiran was one of Lovie Smith’s top recruiting targets.

Interesting choice.

Illinois Football offers free student tickets for season opener against Murray State - The Champaign Room

Each student can claim two tickets for the team’s first game.

2016 Purdue Football Season Preview: Tight Ends - Hammer and Rails

There is not a lot of proven depth, but the Purdue TEs should be better this year.

Minnesota Gophers: Earliest Known Photo of Goldy Gopher #TBT - The Daily Gopher

Goldy Gopher the mascot was born in 1952. This is the only known photo from that first year. You've come a long way Goldy.

This could have been Sasquatch as this is one grainy-ass photo.

2016 Big Ten women’s soccer preview | College Soccer

With the defending champs set to be severely depleted because of the U20 World Cup, the battle for this year’s Big Ten could be as wide open as ever heading into a new season.

Big Ten #TBT Did Purdue Start This Conference? - The Daily Gopher

Since Big Ten Media Days were this week I thought it would be fun to look back at the first Conference meeting. It happened on January 11th, 1895 in Chicago. President Smart of Purdue organized the first "secret" meeting.


Mike Leach: Coaches think they can make a QB accurate, but you can't

“It depends. You try to recruit around (throwing motions) if you can,” Leach said. “The worst thing is — people make this mistake across the country — there will be a guy that’s big, strong and athletic. If a guy’s got a super strong arm, they say, ‘All he’s got to do is work on his accuracy,’”

“So he won’t be accurate in high school, some college will take him. Then he won’t be accurate there, and someone in the NFL says, ‘All he has to do is work on his accuracy,’ and they’ll take him. He won’t be accurate there, and he’ll be out of the league.”




You know this won’t happen. You know damned well that Danny Langsdorf will start the first game by running the ball a little bit more than passing at first, and then by the third quarter he won’t be able to control hisself and will be wing-zinging the damned thing all over the field.

Jimbo Fisher of Florida State Seminoles urges reforms to level playing field

Fisher was also adamant about the necessity for Power 5 leagues to continue scheduling FCS opponents. He said the elimination of scheduling FCS programs will have a trickle-down effect on budgets that will ultimately lead to high school players giving up football.

This is an interesting perspective on FCS scheduling. I’d urge you to read this and then make the argument in the comments section about why Fisher might be wrong.

If you don't play an FCS ... how do they make their budget? By playing a big school. How's the Division IIs make their budget? Playing an FCS," Fisher said. "When you start taking these budgets away, where are all the high school football players going to go? Why are they going to play football when all these teams drop football? You're killing the sport for ego."

The split between haves and have nots is getting wider. If you’re a “have” you think this is a great thing, which - it usually is, but not in this case. Long term I feel like Fisher is right.

Unfortunately, every school wants to hold onto every dime they have because they might need it to pay themselves.

Maurice Smith granted his release from Alabama - Team Speed Kills

The stalemate is over as Alabama’s defensive back has been granted his release.

Texas A&M reaches new ‘12th Man’ license agreement with Seattle Seahawks - Good Bull Hunting

Five-year extension sees reduced usage of term by the Seahawks

THE COUNTDOWN OF SADNESS: Remembering the worst teams in modern Ole Miss history - Red Cup Rebellion

Now that the Rebs are really good, we can look back on all of those seasons of misery and laugh, right? (Ok we might sob uncontrollably, too.)

Linebacker Positional Preview - Addicted To Quack

Who steps up in the new three LB system?

The Internet of (insecure) Things and other inside observations from the Black Hat hackers conference - Recode

Much has been made of the lack of security in many internet-enabled consumer products. It’s unclear just how serious a problem this will become, but what is clear is that time-to-market — and not security —- is the overriding concern for these products.

I wouldn’t say that it’s unclear how serious this will become. It will become very serious, especially since the companies making your smart devices don’t give a shit about security until their product is hacked and used to steal people’s identities, bank accounts, etc.

The “Smart” device “Internet of Things”, “OMG YOU NEED A SMART THERMOSTAT TO SAVE THE PLANET” is a sales ploy and a cheesy one at that. Save your money for now. Better devices, better security will be on the market later.


Simone Biles is the greatest gymnast, but Aly Raisman was unforgettable in Rio, too -

Simone Biles may be gymnastics’ GOAT, but fellow American Aly Raisman proved her determination in fighting back to win the silver medal.

Olympic swimming results 2016: Michael Phelps wins gold in men's 200m individual medley -

Phelps won one of swimming's most anticipated events at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Rio 2016 results: Simone Manuel ties for 100m gold, first African-American woman to win individual swimming medal -

Manuel and Oleksiak staked their claim as swimming's next generation of elite sprinters.

Rio 2016 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch Friday's track and field online -

Shot put and the heptathlon are among the events kicking off track and field competition in Rio.